love at midnight part 4

o..o ok i hate this 150 thing so i am jsut going to say there are 3 others before you read this one please go back to read the other ones the all are called love at midnight you can see them on my profile :)

I left you at the dinner table full of people. you get done eating and start doing the dishes with Jason. (A quick shout out to personxd. thank you for being the first person to comment and thank you for sticking with me through these painful quizzes i hope you really enjoy them :))

Created by: kia manson
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  1. After supper you get up and help Jason with dishes and something hits you. This was the first time since youve been reaveled to this crazy magicial world that you had some normalcy. You smile as Jason stares at you. "Can i ask you something ____" You stare at hiim and say "Whats on your mind?" He shifts as if hes nervous. " I was, do you want to see the rest of the house with me?" You say....
  2. say you choose the first choice. Jason helps finish up the dishes as you walk up stare you see a beautiful portrait of a white tiger. Jason catch you staring at it. "Its a beautiful portrait." you comment. Jason walks up besides you and says "Not nearly as you are." Your face turns into a bright pink blush as you turn to look into his beautiful eyes he kisses you. You feel your hand running through his hair as Jason holds you closer to him. You finally pull away shocked that you had done it. Your mind begins to race...
  3. Your realize your staring now and you mubble sorry he smiles a very cute smile that flips your heart. "im not ive wanted to do that ever since we meet." you decide to hold his hand aa you walk by a black door. He stops you look at him as he opens the door " this is my room anytime you need something just yell, thats you room if you wanna look at it." You knod as he shuts his door and opens yours. As soon as the door opend you were smiling big. You saw in Jasons eyes he was happy to. You hugged him as you began to explore the baby blue bedroom, with a beautiful white bed full of black flowers on it. His eyes were still lite up as you danced around the room. " im glad you like but i better go back downstair come down when you get done putting things away. " he said as he pointed to the 20 bags full of clothes in the walk in closet. you begin to going through them when you heard a huge crash.
  4. You run downstairs to see alot of men coming throught the door everyone is using there powers you hear Tryinan screaming at you to run. You saw Jason using a sword. Your watching as Tyson is changing into different animals you see was turning from grizzly bear to a black wolf. Your watching as Kevin is using tranportaion powers to appear behind them and throw they into the wall. As you watch Calvin fighting a big dude instead of running you turn to the fight. The same man that had put a knife to your throat had grab you again but this time the was not tingiling in your arm you felt something in the ground and suddenly you"Felt" everyone. you compied the movent from Tyson, Kevin, Jason, Tryinan and Calvin as you stomped your heel you felt the man who grabbed you fly through the air. You suddenly then feel only your friends. As the shattering pain inside your head sets off. You fall in to a pitchblack sleep.
  5. You wake up three days later. And all you see is 5 faces. They smile at you and you do to. "My throat and head hurts what happend?" Tyson gave you a glass of water. "You got a new power and its called earth." You hear someone punch Tyson for being mean about it. You suddenly feel much better as you realize Kevin hand put his hands on your head and you see the green, blue glow. You ay thank you and everyone but Tryinan walks out. "Before i start yellng at you i want you to know that i thank you." as Tryinan hugged you she whisper in your ear "those that risk there life is know to have the ability of Justrana." and she walk out. Leaving you with more questions than ever...You went back to sleep almost immedietly that night and in your dream you saw a beautiful woman she called to you "_____, you killed me." You aproached the beautiful woman to try to see her clearer.
  6. You finally get close enough to the woman. Her Blond hair is glowing and her blue eyes are full of hatred. She screams at you as her hands wrap around your neck. You feel like your choking one moment the next your drenched as you gasp for air. You hear everyone bust through your door Kevin and Jason had swords in there hand. " Why did you scream?" Tryinan asked. "I screamed?" You look as if your lost..."Ya we just heard AHHHHHHHHH HELP ME!!!!!" yelled Calvin. "i'm sorry." you mumbeled as you suddenly then realized "why am i so wet?" Tryinan laughed "Well your water powers just kicked in. there more sheets in the closet. Were all going back to bed." You called Tryinan " i saw a woman and she looked like me....could it have been my mother?" Tryinan looked at the others and dimissed them "Your mother? _____Your in danger then....." "Well yes i know that but.." "No, ______ You have a brother... his name is Hanistu, ______ Hes the one that killed your mother."
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