love at midnight part 5

i hate this 150.....thing so i am just going to say random things but first there are four other ones so please bfore your read this one please go and look at the other ones.

i left you with so many questions and for personxd and emoangel... im so thankful that you have been sticking with me throught these quizzes i hope you enjoy they as much as i enjoy making them

Created by: kia manson

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  1. "Ok hold on before you suddenly tell me i have another things to worry about. What is Justana, When you told me it was my father why didnt you say i had a brother Hintusu. And you still havent told me anything about the committe. While were at it tell me what the hell is going on!!!" You finally get done bieng freaked out as Tryinan took sheets out from the closet. " Alright, the committe is kind like police in the normal relm. They monitior everything. The committe is how would you say Delicate. the real world cant know about are powers. Thats why we stayed close just in case when you devolped your power. About the Justana i know what i said doesnt make sense but it will in time. But for now Justana is a spirit that willingly chooses a host." You stare at her "What kind of spirit?" You ask softly as you finally mange to get your bed made again. "Its a spirit of an animal that is very powerful. There are 6 Justanas. The Black panther, The White Tiger. The Blue Falcon. The Blue Bear The Red Fox and the last one is The Phinox Fire Bird." She pauses momentarily to look at you. " You want to know more about your brother?"
  2. You nod as she tells you about your brother. "Your brother name is Hunistu Delirus. And unfortenaly he has a Justana its the Black panther. Along with your father who has the Blue Falcon." Your mouth drops "So how powerful are these Justanas." Tryinan looked at you and said "Powerful enough to wipe out citys within minutes." She looked at your eyes full of fear. "Yes, it is very scary but the Justanas that your brother and father have are not as powerful as the phinox firebird which is a good thing." You begin to wonder if you have one.. "Tryinan, do you think i have one?" She slowly looks at you. She smile and said "It is a very high chance you do, when you were a baby you held signs of one. And if you do, I couldnt tell you which one." You saw something in Tryinans eyes that told you there was more. " So why would my brother kill my mother?" Tryinan looked relileved a little at the change of subject. " Your father found a tooth sayer many years ago. She told him that if a girl was ever born it to his bloodline. The daughter kill him and his son. Your father didnt believe her until you were born. Your father got frightend and tried t kill you." You stated the rattlesnake in my crib right?" "Yes, correct. but when he reliezed he couldnt kill you because of your absorbansy powers he had the son kill your mother so she couldnt teach you anything. But he hadnt known that Shelia had already knew what he had planned that night you were taken by your protectors ______ if that answers your question you should go back to sleep. We are going to start training you tomorrow." Tryinan looked at you and smile " You know ______ your still my sister know matter what." With that Tryinan walked out of your room.
  3. So you climb back into bed and start thinking about everything. But you passed out as soon as your head hits the pillow. You start dreaming. *in your dream* You wake up in a dark room and you hear a girl crying you try walking towards her but you cant move. You look at your wrists to see that your in cuffs. Your trying to break free but you cant. You hear the little girl crys get louder. You call out to her. Suddenly you see her. She is in a blue dress with her blond hair tied in a faded with ribbion. You look down to see that her feet were cut. "Little girl can you get these of off me?" But as soon as she gets close enough to you she opens her Blue eyes full of terror and hatred. She gets close enough to whisper in your ear. " The Jutana inside of you will kill those you love." and you wake up from the pounding on the door.
  4. You were starled and ran to the door to see Calvin. "Yea, whats up Calvin?" "Tryinan cooked breakfast. Hey what happend to your wrists?" Calvin grabbed your wrist as you looked down at them the were bloodied and bruised. Calvin looks at you and bangs on the door 4 doors down "Kevin _____ her wrist are bleeding.!" Kevin immeditlys comes out along with everyone else. Kevin and Calvin reached you but Kevin just stared "Were is she hurt?" Calvin looked at you "Her wrist were bruised and bleeding." All of a sudden Tryinan came up. "Kevin, Calvin She has healing and absorbansy powers remember. Come downstairs Breakfast. We all need are strenght if were going to train her today." You all go downstairs you think to yourself *
  5. You vaught up with Tryinan and told her about your dream "It ould see that you might have one after all." Tryinan whisper you caught on "Do they have a Justana?" "Only Jason and Calvin." She starte serving plates as evryone heads for the huge livingroom to watch spongebob squarepants it seemed so wierd that things could kinda be normal. You went sit down on the couch. It seemed so normal, you asked " So whos training me first?" You were shocked when Calvin answered "That will but up to you. You have to choose which power you want to master first or atleast try to understand. You think for a monent and say " I think i want to try earth and water first." Tryinan then replied "then you will train with Me." You smiled and asked i didnt know you had them.." "I dont but i do have earth and wind. Water is tricky because its about your movent. Earth is about being steady and unmovable. Wind id free and flowing. While fire", "Is destrective and life." You looked at Jason who was concetred on you. He smiled and went back to watching spongebob. "So when do we start?" All of a sudden you felt the vibration and acted. You moved slitly of to avoid being hit by a rock that Tryinan just created. "Very good, atleast you learn quickly." Tryinan smiled at you as you looked at her.
  6. You finishing eat Your wafffels and headed towards the door Tryinan went through. You walked through the door and saw About a mile long room. On one side in the corner there was a small Waterfall with fishes the size of your arm. You see on the othe side that there is dirty everywhere. You look at Tryinan "Its beautiful its so big." "Yes, now _____ are you ready?" You turn to her and say yes. She uses her Earthly powers first. She tell you to donge them. You did the donging excerise for over an hour. "Now you try to create pillars from the earththen make a boulder and sent it through the pillars. You look at her as if she is crazy. "_____, you have already done the pillars, just concentre on the feel of the earth and where the strongest parts are." Tryinan then Released her beautiful black and gold wings and fly behind you to sit on top of the waterfall. You concentred and managed to make 3 pillars. Tryinan than formed a boulder for you. "I know your tired so all i want you to do now is weaved the boulder through using your powers to create what ever you need to do to get the boulder through the pillars. You manage to get the boulder through on the 5th time. You wipe your forehead and sink to your knees. Tryinan looked at you "Yes its tiresome because you dont know how to use it why dont you go up stairs put on a bathy suit and come back down well go for a swim. You say ok and on your way back down You run into Kevin who is staring at you. "Your beautiful in that." You blush as Kevin grabs you and leans into kiss you. But you are intrupted by Tryinan who is calling your name. You smile and kiss him on the cheeck and walk outside to Tryinan.
  7. You walk outside and watch as Tryinan jumped from the waterfall into the lake. You start in after her and you guys are just having fun when all four guys come out in swim trucks. there al shirtless and they begin to play chicken with you. Tyson had turned in to a shark and began swiming after everyone. You were having so much fun you didnt even notice how late it had gotten. So you all grab your towels and head for the house. Calvin and Jason said they were going to order chinesse. You stared at them, " I thought people cant come here." They started laughing "thats why were sending Kevin into the town." Ohhh you started laughing. After everyone gave Kevin there orders he asked you if you wanted to come with him. You said yes and grabbed his hand he smiled at you and said "breathe" and like that you were out of the house and in the town nearest to the forest. You smile as Kevin grabs you to put his arm around your waist. You walked into the chinesse resturaunt and ordered your food you turned to put your back into the counter when you saw the same little girl from your dream. "Kevin im going to walk around Ill meet you here ok?" You didnt wait for an answer you run to catch up with the little girl who kept running. Your reached the edge of a pier when you turn at the sound of a man saying "This time you wont get away." You turned to see..... yuppp its a cliffhanger :) *please no more evil monkeys in my closet :)
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