love at midnight part 2

Here is the second part to Love at midnight. this is were you are final getting answer to some of your questions. you still dont know anything about the world in which you are unwilling being dragged in.

The last time in part one we left off were Kami (Tryinan) told you your father whom is dead is after you. Tryinan has told you she is a guardian of death and that she is not even alive. questions after questions form in your head. how can your father who has been dead for 4 years be after you find out... in Love at midnight Part 2

Created by: kia manson

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  1. "What do you mean my father is after me......My FATHER IS DEAD ALONG WITH MY MOTHER..i dont understand Kam...Tryinan Guardian of death...not my sister i dont get it if your not even alive how do i have memories of you form when i was 12!!!!" Tryinan looks at you "Ill explain later but we have to go before your mind breaks again." You looked at her "Fine" you threw up your hands and say "Lets go then." You start to run outside to your car when you see 4 others parked by yours. You see Kevin, Calvin, Jason and Tyson.
  2. Kevin comes over and hugs you and looks at Tryinan and looks at her. He noddes and heads towards his car. Tryinan looks at you and tells you to go to your car and wait. It took Tryinan 3 seconds to tell everyone what do to do. You watched as Calvin and Jason drove off in front than Kevin and Tyson go into thier cars and waited until Tryinan got into your car and began to drive
  3. You looked at Tryinan as she asked "What do you want to know first?" Questions began to fill your head finally you decided to ask about the car crash and how she is what she is even though its not possible. Tryinan smiled and said" You picked the question that is very hard to explain but ok." she took a deep breathe and said "Your real mother and father were not killed in that car crash four year ago. The man and woman that died in the crash were your protectors that your really mother Shelia sent to protect you from birth. Shelia was a ruminga, or a magician in your launguage." You looked at her and stayed silent Tryinan continued. "Your Father however his name is Lucidious, he is a very bad runinga, he doesnt use his powers the way your mother did. You see _______ your the only hope our kind has." you look at her and say "
  4. (pretend you choose the last choice) Tryinan looks at you and says " after the car crash you got amnesia and you never remember who you were since your protectors were killed the commitee decided to send me and while you were in the coma i implainted memories of us.. so that when you woke up you wouldnt get freaked out by me." Tryinan looked at you "Your silent... i know its alot to take in." You noticied that you were on a dirty road then you turned into a forest sudddenly your vision blurs.
  5. You head begins to spin as you try to open your eyes you see nothing but darkness. you suddenly than feel the car swerving as you hear the car impact other metal. you then feel hands grabbing you and dragging you. Your head is spinning as your trying to open your eyes you finally manage to lift them enough to see you baby blue camero crushed into Tyson and Kevins car. You start calling there names when you were told to shut up. You kept screaming and trying wiggle free until you felt the piercing cold steel to your throat. " one more word out you and you be gone just like your friends" you shivered at the mans snake like voice. he grabbed you by the arm again and slowly drags you. your head has stopped hurting but your arm was tingily. as all of a sudden the man started screaming in pain. you opened your eyes realived that you can see and begin running into the foresst. you heard the man behind you. you kept running and suddenly you realized you knew this place from your dreams. You kept running until you stubbeled on to a meadow full of redding roses. you tried catching your breathe until you heard a twig snap you turned around to see.
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