The Stars Shine At Midnight part two

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Hello and welcome to part 2 of my quiz series The Stars Shine At Midnight. If you are confused please go back to part 1 to understand what is currently going on. :)

So to recap you've lost your key nd cannot get into your house. Oh and to make things better... it's raining! Muahaha! XD Plus a strange pair of ruby eyes appeared in the darkness along with several flashes of life. Now you hear rumbling in the bushes...

Created by: MusicXGothic

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  1. Then you hear some rumbling in the bushes... the light of a flashlight peers through. "______?" he says surprised. It's Jason, your neighbor who you've been friends with for what seems like forever. "Jason?" you manage to say shivering, not sure if it's fear and the cold rain causing you to shake. He comes closer, his sandy blonde hair darkened by the rain, hiding his hazel eyes. "What's wrong? Why are you out here?"
  2. "I'm locked out of my house," you say through tiredness. Without another word he takes your hand and leads you to his house. "Your parents aren't home?" he asks. "Nope," you mumbled. He opens his front door and you see his mother reading a book on the couch. She looks up, "Oh no what happened to you, _____?" "She's locked out," Jason remarks on your behalf. She gets up from the couch and gets you a towel. "Can you call your parents?" she asked with worry. You shook your head. "My phone died." "Here, use my phone," she hands you a sleek blackberry and you dial your mom's phone.
  3. The phone rings maybe four times when you hear your mom's voice echo "Hello." "Hey mom," you say. "Are you coming home?" "Oh," she seemed to have a hint of guilt in her tone. "I'm sorry, honey. I got busy at work. Is everything ok?" "Well I'm locked out of the house," you reply. "I can't find my key, but I'm over at Jason's." "Ok, well I'm getting out now so I won't be long..." You hear what sounds like glass shattering in the background. "Mom," you're getting worried. "I'll see you at home. Bye." Click, she hangs up.
  4. "Everything ok?" Jason asked, keeping a cheery aura. "Uh, yeah. She's on her way now." Your mind was spinning with many questions, he seemed to notice. "Are you ok?" He looked into your eyes caringly. "I'm fine." You sigh. "_____, I've known you long enough to know when something's wrong."
  5. You fall short of words and for a moment everything is silent. Then you say, "It's nothing really, just my imagination." He sighs. "Ok, whatever you say." Then you two decide to change the subject. "I made the team," he smiles, speaking of the school baseball team he tried out for. "That's great Jason!" you exclaim happily. "So when's your first game?" "Tomorrow we have a pre-game, nothing very serious," he explains. "But you're not doing anything I'd loved to see you there." "I wouldn't miss it." You beam.
  6. Jason's mom walks back into the living room. "Hey ______, your mom says she's almost home." "Ok," You say, getting ready to go meet her. "Thanks for everything again." "No problem ______," she smiles. You say good-bye and leave. The rain has ended but the sky is still blanketed in puffy clouds. You're walking through your front yard when you see a shadow in the porch light. It's looks like a silhouette of a man. You stop in your tracks and see it looks like a muscular, disgruntled eighteen-year-old boy. He seems to have noticed you coming, so he hides within the darkness.
  7. Suddenly you can feel someone grab your arm and pull you away from the light. You're freaking out but find that you cannot scream, or even speak. You suspect this is the stranger and start trying to punch him. You hear almost a hiss as he prevents your attack. He brings his mouth to your neck and you feel deadly fangs penetrate skin. This can't be happening you're thinking as the pain sinks in. This isn't possible. You're too weak to fight back now and your vision begins to blur. Then you see ruby eyes.
  8. The stranger has stopped biting you and has started to pace around this set of ruby eyes. You start to see from seeping light that the ruby eyes belong to a guy. He's tall, lean and his hair was the deepest shade of black that seemed bluish. All of this was unbelievable and you find yourself praying for it all just to be a bad dream. When you brought your hand to your neck you could see streaming red liquid flowing on your hand.
  9. Your senses dull as you lose consciousness. However after a few minutes you can feel yourself being carried somewhere, though you cannot see a thing. For a second your worried again but you are then set into your soft, familiar sheets and realize your home. Whoever brought you there has left and you start to submit to your tiredness. You can hear a door open and keys set down on the table. Your mom is home and when you hear her footsteps creep up to your doorway you hear the words. "Oh, she must be asleep." So she quietly leaves and everything fades away.
  10. Hey thanks again for taking my quiz! Hope you're liking it! Who do you like?

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