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  • "Yeah I like the idea of black and red. Pretty much black + random color = awesome to me lol"
  • really, people?!
    "Oh yeah I think I've heard of it, but I haven't seen it. Sounds cool though Thank you! Finally someone agrees with me that Twilight i"
  • "Haha yeah a guy at my school has neon green streaks in his blonde hair. Strangely I find it hot lol"
    "*walks in, reads violent threats, slowly backs away*"
  • "Yeah one of my friends had dark brown hair and she had to bleach it before she turned it a cherry red color. For a day or two she had an ora..."
  • Favorite Manga?
    "Haha nice ^.^ Cool I've heard of Sailor Moon but haven't gotten to see it. My friend says it doesn't come on TV anymore"
  • "That sounds really pretty actually"
  • Favorite Manga?
    "LoL yeah at first I was like what the heck and my friend's like 'no, read it backwards' "
  • Do you like school?
    "I usually don't mind school except for excessive homework and boring classes. Though whenever I get out of school early (like today, mom's a..."
  • "Haha honestly... jet black hair with bright purple streaks lol but my mom would kill me."
  • Favorite Manga?
    "I don't read a lot of manga but I like Fruits Basket and Vampire Knight from what I've read. So what do you like?"
  • "LoL have you ever read A Separate Peace? That is a boring book!"
  • "Hmm probably France, I've always loved Paris"
  • "Not really, I sort of play acoustic guitar but I would love to learn to play piano. It's soft and elegent."
  • "OMG I know what you mean! My mom gets so aggrivated when it happens and I didn't think other people noticed really. So true."

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