The Stars Shine At Midnight part four

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Hey everyone, welcome to part four of The Stars Shine At Midnight! Reading your comments is really fun to me and I'll try my best to get these quizzes out quickly. Weekends will be better times for me so I might put out one or two during the week days.

So last time you were knocked out by an oncoming baseball (Ouch!). You were brought to the nurse's office where Daniel was there to help you. This quiz continues where it left off.

Created by: MusicXGothic

  1. Then the nurse came back into her office with a bag of ice. "Take this dear," she says handing it to you, looking distant and tired behind her thin framed glasses. You realize you have a painful headache and you remember that the baseball knocked you out. "You have a swollen knot on your forehead," the nurse explains sympathetically. "Bruised a bit, however you're doing a lot better than my normal cases. It's healing nicely." You sit and take in this information. This weird string of bad luck was starting to get on your nerves.
  2. "Daniel," she turns to him who has taken a seat near you. "Will you make sure she gets home safe?" "Yeah definitely," you can see a rare flash of a smile on his face but after a blink it's disappeared. You slowly get to your feet feeling a little dizzy. You two start walking down the sidewalk to your house which is a few blocks away. It's first silent and he seems to be thinking of something. "Hey, I don't think we've ever really talked before," you say jadedly. "Yeah," he mumbles softly. "I'm not very good at small talk." His persona now wasn't as intimidating as seeing him just skating with his friends.
  3. "I didn't know you liked baseball," he said. "Yeah," you reply. "I was there supporting one of my friends." "I used to play, when I was younger," he added. "Didn't really like it though." "Really, so why'd you play?" "My dad wanted me to," he answered plainly. "He always wanted me to play some sort of sport. I tried baseball, football, basketball, and everything else but I was never that good." His expression almost broke into a smile. "When I tried skateboarding I really enjoyed it so I would practice. My dad never thought of it as the equivalent to a team sport though so he naturally hated it."
  4. "So he didn't want you to do what made you happy?" you respond gently. "He eventually got over it," Daniel continued. "But he says that I'll never get into a good college if I waste my time in the skatepark." He scoffed at that and by now you were turning the corner toward your house. "I'm sorry," you speak to fill the silence. "It's not important," he says and stops abruptly and takes your hand. He doesn't say a word at first then he thoughtfully says, "Try to stay out of trouble for me, would ya?" He turns around and goes on his way down the street. You to your front door and fortunately this time you have your key.
  5. You're alone yet again and decide to go to your room. When you get to your doorway you see someone is looking out your window and notice his familiar black hair. He turns around and smiles at you as if he was expecting you, showing his deep red eyes.
  6. "Hello, ______," he replied calmly. "Uh hi," you try to keep your composure. "How do you know my name?" "It's a long story," he says. "I'm William by the way. What happened to your head?" He looked genuinely concerned. "Got hit by a baseball," you say bluntly. "Why are you here?" "There are a lot of things I want to explain to you, most is unbelievable so I need you to trust me. It's not normal at all."
  7. You nod and decide to have him speak to you in the living room on the couch. "Ok, um, first of all..." he collected his thoughts out loud. "You probably think that monster the other night was like a vampire, or whatever typical humans call it. Well he's basically a dead corpse whose soul never left, but he's afraid to die because he's slipping into hell. Does that make any sense?"
  8. You nod and he goes on. "I noticed from the first time I saw you that... you're not normal. You're special and possess something in your blood that is a potion for immortality. Sort of like a living fountain of youth." He's dead serious so you try to follow what he's saying even if it is a bit outrageous. "So they're coming after me so they won't die?" "Exactly," he says.
  9. You pause for second to take this in. He seems to understand and says, "Maybe I shouldn't have sprang all this on you in your condition." He moves some off your hair out of your face, revealing where you were bruised, though it was getting better quickly. "That's another thing, you heal from your wounds rapidly because the potion in your blood cures it." You hear a car pull into your driving and realize your mom must have came home from an errand. The lock on the door clicks open and...
  10. So that's it for now! Come back next time!

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