Forgot to cry...

*rock music, boys voice* The stars shine above me, as I look up. I stare up at the moon is it fades away slow-ly. It's midnight, and I am missing you tonight.  

*rock music, boys voice* The stars shine above me, as I look up. I stare up at the moon is it fades away slow-ly. It's midnight, and I am missing you tonight.  

Created by: singin234

  1. My eyes seem to open themselves, I am face to face with the seat in front of me. "Ugh" I groggily moan, as I wipe something slipply off my chin. Was that spit? "Moring lovey" The bus driver laughs, at full heartily huge deep laugh. I wobbly stand up, my legs give way and I fall to the floor. "Ouch, this still happens. I been here for all my life and it's still happening" I tell the bus driver who name is Billy. He laughs again, "Well it stops when you are out of school in the world you come from" he tells me. Ever since I was born, I would come here to this world when I was asleep. "Earth" I sigh, this is like the millionth time I have told him. "Right Eat-th" He repeats, failing to say the word. "Earth" I tell him sounding out the world. "Earth, oh that makes me hungry" Ron tells me, I can hear him rubbing his belly.
  2. I lean on the window, colours of orange and yellow pasting us. Fall, well Autum, my favorite season. I smile as I remember when my mum would put the leaves in a pile and I would jump into them. "Here is your stop" Ron told me, I stood up just as the the bus jerks. Sending me flying down the bus's floor. Somehow I end up off the bus on my butt, the bus driving away behind me. Ouch. I stand up and start walking up to a huge house. "Is it just me or has it grown" I ask myself, I fall to the ground. My knees hitting the ground, hard and my eyes closing.
  3. I squeeze open my eyes, the light blinding me. Who turned the light on? I sit up to see my wolf, Blackie. I not good with names and yes wolf. "Blackie it's like ten on a Sunday" I groggily mumble, flinging the covers off. My feet hit the cold carpet, It makes me want to jump into bed. "I'll go feed you and Pix" I say to Blackie, Pix is my cat. A black cat with a blue streak on his right ear and tail. I feed them, I feel like I am a ghost walking.
  4. I pull on some shorts and a shirt, heading outside. "Stop you lousy dog from barking" A man from one of the house next-door yells to the other man next-door to me. "Stop you cat from coming into my yard" The other man I know as Mr Jenkins yells back to Mr Hopkins. "Please sirs calm down your family. Forgive eachother and stop the cat from getting to Mr Jenkins yard and stop the dog barking please" I tell them them. "Your both annoying me" I mumble under my breath. "Fine" The both sigh and apologize to eachother. I stare up at the clear sky, it's winter here and I am about to leave school.
  5. SORRY THIS WAS BORING!!!! the next part is better!! Hahaha
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