xxblutixx sundaisy Birdsong234 Jade Black Br0k3n PROM1S3S _ViolaLover_, thanks for the comments in part 1. (sorry if ou put a comment on and I forgot you!)

xxblutixx sundaisy Birdsong234 Jade Black Br0k3n PROM1S3S _ViolaLover_, thanks for the comments in part 1. (sorry if ou put a comment on and I forgot you!!)

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  1. Ok recap: you are at the mall and Dinah said "What a cute guy" and she was looking at Ash. On with the story: I was shocked she thinks Ash is cute! Well who could think he was not cute ! But Dinah NEVER thinks that guys are cute and tells a friend NEVER! "Really? You think that" I asked her to make sure. "Yeah! Don't you?" she asked me. I looked at the time, "Dinah..." I started. Ash looked at me and I looked back. /Busted/ I thought. I knew he had seen me looking at him. "Dinah, do you know the guy?" I asked her. Waiting for a answer she said "No! I just think he is cute! Let's talk to him! He could be my soul mate!" Dinah pulled me up the him with her. "Hi Ash" I said. "Hi" He mumbled. Dinah looked like she would kill the world. "oh you two know eachother?" Dinah asked. We both nodded and two top it all off Dane came over. "Hi Ally" he said. "Hi" I mumbled. Dinah look to me to Dane to Ash. "Well we got to go Right Ally?!" Dinah almost snaped. "Umm...Not really" I said thinking. "Well I have to go! Bye people" Dinah said walking off to a kid was spiky gene hair and yellow eyes. He had a ear ring in. "So why are you not at school?" Dane asked me. "Skipping it! No one cares but my best friend" Ash smiled "well we are skipping too but everyone cares" he told me. I laughed
  2. Dane smiled and Ash went back to no smile guy. Then I saw Troy and John they waved to me and I waved back. "Who was that" Dane asked a bit nervous "Oh the one with the golden brown hair is my best friend and the other is a guy I met yesterday" I told them. They both were no smile guys. I turned and Saw John and Troy were comeing over to us. "Hey Ally! Skipping school again" Troy laughed. John smiled and went to stand beside me. "Yeah! I might go tommorow" I said. Well I was going to but I was running away at lunch. John was a shy guy an Troy not so much. Dane smiled at me. "Oh Hi I am Troy" Troy said to Dane and Ash. "Dane" "Ash" they said. I kicked John "oh I am John" He relized. Then mine and Johns WOST nightmare came....Our Maths Teacher!
  3. Me and John ran and hid behind a wall. "Our Maths teacher" I Wisapred. John gave my a look to say 'oh you just fingured that out!' I rolled my eyes. Dane, Ash and Troy came over. "Who was that?" Troy asked. "our maths teacher" Me and John said t the same time. "Let's get out of here" I said. Me, John, Ash, Dane and Troy walked for the park. We found at tree.( Who do You sit next to)
  4. I sit down before them and I see who sits next to me. John and Ash. Troy and Dane kind of look Pissed. "So guys I won this trip to The Day Dream island. Who wants to come? I only got 4 tickets five all up" Jhon asks.'"YES" we all say at the same time. John laughs "you were not kidding right?" Dane asks. "Well we are not going to day dream island but we are going to a beach. On this little island! I forget what's it's called! Still want to come?" Jhon asked. We all nodded. "DAM" I said and hit the tree. Everyone looked at me. "Of only I could ask my mum right now" they all laughed. "Well I got to go" John told us "So do I" Dane and Ash said at the same time. "Ok Bye guys" I shouted to them by they walked away. "BYE" Troy shouted too "I guess it's just you and me" Troy told me. But then Dinah with the guy with the green hair came up
  5. "Oh Hi Ally this is Spike" Dinah told me. "Hi" Spike said. "Oh Hi this is Troy" I told them. "Hi" Troy mumbled. "Very lively" Dinah said. "But Not for long!" she laughed. "Come on spike" she snapped. They walked away and left me thinking 'what was that about?'
  6. "I should go" Said troy. "Bye and oh Troy" I said. He turned back to me "Be careful, I think I know why Dinah ment" I told him. He looked at me in shocked then smiled "Always" he said and walked away. I looked at him while he walked sways then...
  7. I herd a noise, it was comeing from the bushes. I looked then I was something behind a tree it was..
  8. A person. I think! I could only see his shadow. Then he got closer and closer he was holding something in this hand that looked like a knife
  9. Who do u love
  10. Bye

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