The sonic girls quiz (which one will you be?)

Blaze, Cosmo, Amy, Wave or Cream -- which one will you be? Sorry I forgot Rogue, and most of you might not know about Wave the bird but I hope you figure out it all as you go along!

Blaze, Cosmo, Amy, Wave or Cream -- you will find out. Will you get your favorite, or something unexpected? Answer questions truthfully and find your Sonic girl.

Created by: MollytheDoll

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  1. Pick a color
  2. Pick a element
  3. Pick a cake
  4. Pick an emotion
  5. pick a fruit or vegetable
  6. Pick an animal
  7. Pick a style
  8. pick a shoe
  9. Pick a hat
  10. Mario pick one
  11. Done

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Quiz topic: The sonic girls quiz (which one will I be?)