The school of monsters part 1

This is another series I'm making.... I'm not doing the original anymore, because I forgot the pass and I can't delete it... Dx I can't believe I forgot the pass!!!! Dx

I would like to thank everyone who is my friend and who takes my quizzes! ^_^ I hope you like it! xD shout outs to: carrot(aka. Mother!) audree and azy!(aka. Aunties!) icy! She's such a funny and awesome person! ^__^ and more people, THANK YOU! ^.^

Created by: Werewolfzoey
  1. I was running away from the darkness. Everything was dark, I didn't know where I was going. There were trees, I felt a branch hit my face. Who was I running from, and why was I running from them? What do they want from me? I kept on running. There was no one in sight. Another tree branch hit my face, but this time I fell and stumbled backward, jerking to stop stumbling back, but it was too late. I was on the ground, struggling to get to my feet. I heard a noise coming from a bush. I tried to get up, but couldn't my legs were In pain. The person or thing, came out of the bush. It was a guy with black hair and grey eyes. The guy came close to me and said,"You won't get away from me, Chloe!" he said laughing. Then he came even closer and got on his knees and his lips met mine. I pulled away and tried to get to my feet, this time I was able to. 
  2. The guy got to his feet too. I didn't know what to do. The guy started to come closer to me again, and he did something, i didn't know what he did. My eyes started to drift off to somewhere else.        I heard a scream, It sounded like me, I was the one who was screaming. I woke up from a nightmare. I heard foot steps coming from the outside of my room. "Chloe! I'm coming in!" I heard my mother's voice outside of my room. I see the doorknob fidgeting, it opens and my mother comes running to my bed side. "Chloe, are you ok!?" my mother says on her knees. My throat had lumps. I gave my mother a 'thumbs up' sign. "that's good. i'll get you some cold water, ok." she said getting up from her knees. I stayed silent. 
  3. By the time my mom came up with the cold water, I couldn't keep my eyes open. I fell asleep. I heard my mom say,"good night." putting the cold water on my bed stand. I had the same nightmare again.
  4. I woke up early then I usually do. I got dressed and went down stairs, it looked like mom was about to leave. "oh, hi Chloe!" mom said noticing me coming from upstairs. "hi mom, you leaving for work?" I asked going in the living room and turning on the t.v. "yes, isn't that what I always do?" mom said with a smile. "yeah, but your up early then yesterday." I said. I was watching Zoey 101. "well, my boss  wants me to meet him for breakfast, to talk about one of my designs." my mom said. My mom is a designer, she draws a sketch, then she makes the clothes with the fabrics. "that sounds like fun." I said lying on the sofa. "yeah, Chloe, have you seen my black jacket?" mom asked looking around the small hallway by the door. "hmm,  no, I haven't seen it." I said getting up from the sofa and walking to the kitchen. I grab a pop tart. "I guess I didn't leave it in here. It might be in the car. Chloe, I'm going to leave, bye. Have a great day! Be safe walking to school, on your first day." she said opening the front door. "ok, I'll be safe. Have a great day too." I said going back into the living room. I waved mom good bye. Mom headed out of the front  door. She shuts the door and locks it.
  5. It's time for school, I grab my backpack and lunch. And head out the door, I shut the door behind me and lock it. I start to drift, someone passes me on their bike, i couldn't see their face. It looks like that person is a guy. The  guy stops and comes toward me with his bike. I kind of tense up. I can make out his face now, he has black hair and green eyes. He approaches me. "you should watch where you walk." he says. "ah, sorry..." I said getting rigid Oh crap! I forgot my jacket. The guy see's me shivering. The guy stares into my violet blue eye. I stare back into his green eyes. "are you ok?" he finally says after we stop having the staring contest. I hug myself so I could get the warmth from my arms. "I'm fine." I said. "ah, achoo!" I sneezed. "I don't think you are fine." he says coming even closer towards me, he 
  6. puts his hand on my forehead and I back up, afraid. "oh, sorry." he says remembering that I'm an stranger. "no, no, I'm sorry." I said still rigid. The boy is about to say something, but gets interrupted by someone,"Hey, Mason!" the other person says draping his arm around the guy I was talking to. "oh, hey Dax. How's it going?" mason asks. "I'm good, how are you?" Dax asks. He seems to notice me. "who is she?" Dax whispers to mason. Mason stares at me,"oh, um what's your name." he asks. "chloe." I say. "cool name, my name is mason, and this person is Dax." 
  7. mason says pointing to the guy who's arm was around him. "hiya!" Dax said smiling at me and undrapes mason. "salutations!" I said. "umm, where do you go to school, 'cause I haven't seen you around ours." mason asks. "well, I just got here." I say. "I go to mountain high school." I said shuffling my feet. "cool, we go there too..." Dax says. "oh, cool. I won't be alone on my first day of school." I said joyfully. I noticed that Mason was staring at me. "Yeah, you won't." Dax says. "Awesome." I said starting to walk again. Mason and Dax start to walking too. 
  8. It was silent the whole way to school. When I got the the building, I saw some guys that where staring at the three of us; me, Dax, and Mason. Was I imaging, or was I hallucinating?! The guys had a murderous face expression. Dax elbowed me and whispered,"Those are the people you shouldn't hang out with, got it!?" he winked at me. "Got it!" I said smiling, returning the wink... We head to the doors of the office, when we get to the doors, I get hit in the head by a door... "ouch." I said in pain. Mason and Dax didn't seem to notice, they were just staring at the person who came out of the door. "Lucifer! Did you not see someone there! Are you freaking clueless?!" Dax yelled not even looking at me. Mason was watching Dax, Mason glanced over at me, then turned around quickly. 'What was that?' I asked myself.
  9. Dax looked outrage. Before I knew it, Dax grabbed lucifer by the collar of his shirt. I heard a chuckle come out of lucifer,"pft, you make me laugh." lucifer said not even a bit afraid. Dax was really red, he looked like he was going to kill lucifer. "Shut up!" Dax shouted. Everyone turned and looked over at the four of us. Dax and Lucifer seemed to not care. "You guys, Stop fighting." I said in a calm, mellow voice. "Chloe, stay out of this!" Dax said turning his head toward me. "Lucifer has to apologize." Dax said turning back to Lucifer. "Pft, me apologize to this small Brat? I don't think so." Lucifer says in an unspeakable tone of voice. Dax's eyes darkened. He let go of Lucifer's collar. "You're not worth it." Dax says to Lucifer walking away. "You coward." Lucifer shouts. "Whatever, lucifer." Dax yelled over his shoulder waving his right hand in the air. I watched as Dax was nowhere in sight. Everyone in the crowd turned back to what they were doing. "You must be new, I take it?!" Lucifer asks looking down at me, he was taller then me, Dax and Mason. "y-yes, I am! Got a problem with that?!" I asked. "no, but if you ever bother me.-" he paused. "I will shove you down the stairs." he said in an threatening tone, walking towards the other building. "Nice to meet you too, JERK!" I whispered. Mason saw all of that... "Hmm. What was that about?!" Mason asked. "I don't know..." I said.         
  10. Hmm I hoped you like it. What's the point of putting cliffhanger right now? Lol. Well, I hope you liked it?

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