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  • You know you come up with pretty creative ideas, I believe this girl is an alien and she's arriving to her home on Earth with her bus driver friend Ron. Then she has two rivaling neighbours and a dog and cat. You know I'm not sure if this is going to be a big scale story or a small scale story but regardless it does grab people's attention. I can't think of anybody else using this kind of setup... I honestly can't. I guess some people can't appreciate creativity but my only complaint is that you can make it a bit longer since it's the beginning. I guess that's good since I'm still craving more but just keep it in mind. People do love your work and you've got a very creative setup so far. Peace out singin *thumbs up*

    Missy Prissy Cat
  • Story plot is interesting... going on a bus when asleep. You always come up with the most original ideas, and so many of them too! There's this one I read from you once with like girls and spies and two sides and horse races or something, and it just won't leave my head. When I think about your stories, I think goodbye..., forced to be with you, and then whatever story that one was though I don't think you continued it. Hm.. I'll have to go check that out.

    What I think Candy20 was trying to hint at was just that after the 1st paragraph, there's a couple place where it could transition a little more smoothly, but overall, I think this was great, and I'm glad to see you writing :) Continue singin ^^

  • This was awesome ^_^ I dont think I've read any other story like this and I like that because it shows originality :) You're an excellent author so dont listen to what haters have to say.

    @Candy20- Excuse but I think you're blind or in the need of glasses.This was amazing so I dont know what the hell you're talking about.I agree with Aria,maybe she was feeling tired and this story suddenly came from the back of her head

    Either way, I think it's fantastic hope to see more of it

    :3 Rawr :3

  • She's still a good author. Maybe she's got a little put down from a lot of people or maybe she was feeling tired. She's brave enough to post up something and that makes her fantastic. I found this wonderful, wanna know why? Because singin234 ALWAYS writes wonderful and she will always be an EXCELLENT writer *hearts* :)

  • Thanks guys, I love your support!

    @Candy2 0 I get what you mean and I am sorry. I haven't been sleeping well and I need to get back into writing more. But thanks for your honest comment.

  • Okay, the 1st paragraph was nice but the rest was not so good. You're a good author, what happened to you?

  • It's ok to cry sometimes don't forget!!!! Thank you


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