love at midnight part 3

You ate 16 your world has been turned upside down. You cant catch up with everything you have to understand luckily yo can breath everynow and the :) there are 2 others so read the to understand this one :)

I left you in the meadow full of redding roses and you turn to see..... sorry if you wanna know you gotta take the quiz :) muwahahaha. oh and to the people who have have been taking them i thank you :) i appreciate it and i hope you enjoy this one.

Created by: kia manson

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  1. You turn around to see Kevin carry Jason who has blood running down his face. You run to help him. "Who were those people?" you shiver again at the thought of the man. "They were sent from your father." You looked at him silently as Kevin put his hand on Jasons face. You see the blue, green glow produced from his hands. You raise an eyebrow. "I have healing power and transporting powers. Thats how i found you so fast, remember when you fainted in the classroom." "Ya, what about it?" Kevin looked at you thats when your powers appeared. Thats how your father found you now that you have leave a trace." Your silently looking at him when jason finally opens his eyes. " I hated that by the way." You kinda chuckle, when you heard a loud POP! you look around to see Tyson and Calvin who is shortly followed by Tryinan. You get up and run to Tryinan. She looks at you and says "What happened i heard that man scream..." Everyone turned to look you. You said "My head was hurting right before the car crash then i was being dragged by some guy who had a knife he threated me with it and all of a sudden my arm was tingily then he started screaming. I didnt turn back to see. Why does it matter?" Everyone stares at you. "Awesome, she learned how to use her posion control." says who
  2. (So you choose who says this next.) Ill take her to the mansion since its only 5 miles away. tryinan agrees with him " The comittee will want to talk to us, its better if you explain the rest." Tryinan says at the confusion in your eyes. so you and ____ start heading in to the direction of the manor. Your quite the whole way thinking about what he meant by posion controlling. You finally decide to ask him, after you ask him he takes your hand stops and looked at you. He leans close in to you and kisses you.
  3. After he was done kissing you he says "Im sorry its just your so beautiful and i have really wanted to do that. now about your posion controlling powers its actually not just posion its anything you obsorb... Tryinan says it was your mothers power." You caught on to the "was". you look deep into his eyes and ask " What do you mean was?" He looked away and said " when you where born your father lucidious killed her." Your mouth dropped open "Why? Why would he?" "Because you were born. ______ you dont relieaze how strong you really are. When your father saw that you were a girl he tried killling you. He put a posions rattlesnake in your crib." You put it together, so i posioned that man..." "Yes, you did but Rascal will be fine." You were silent the rest of the way, thinking about everything you were just told....*inside your head* Why would my dad try to kill me, why did he kill my mother? suddenly smack into a tree as you realized you strayed from ______
  4. You look around for a sign of him (whoever you choose before) but you cant find him. so you keep walking along hoping him would show up. You start thiking about what kevin said and a trace so my begin trying to find out how you did used you absorbasy power to produce the posion... You start remembering the knife and how the steel coldness was on your throat. then you suddenly fell the same tingeling sensetation you did with the man and all of a sudden you heard four pops. you opened your eyes to see tryinan standing by you along with everyone else but there was another man that happend to look alot like Calvin. You questionly raise your eyebrow "Yes this is my dad is his name is Gragen. He knew your mother." before you could open your mouth Tryinan said " the committe figured youd want to know more about her." Tryinan smiled at you and countinued to speak "We better get her out of the open who knows when her mind will break again." You began walking with her when you asked " what do you mean when my mind breaks again?" Tryinan sighed.. " im afraid now that you are gaining your powers the memories i implanted are being destroyed and when that happens", "it destroys everything about that one things." Tryinan smiled "Yes." "So does this mean i might remember everything that happened before i was 12?" Tryinan doesnt answer. "Tryinan." She looks at you and says "maybe."
  5. You stay silent the rest of the way but when you finally get to mansion your mouth gaps open "wow." the masion is a darker blue with white window rims. you start walking towards the front were there is a beautiful porcilen statue of a tiger carrying her cubs. "This is amazing." you walk past it and see the mini waterfall by a beautiful lake. you look into the water and see blood on your shirt and realize the small cut on the base line on your neck. you shrug as you look up and see Calvin standing there...he holds out his hand as you grab it he pulls you up to his chest. he leans in and kisses you only pul back when you hear a uncontrable throat cough.
  6. You turn to see its Calvins dad. You blush so bad Calvin asked if you want a ice cube. Your blush gets worse. Gragen clears his throat "Tyrinan cooked supper and she sent me to get you to. Gragen left and you looked back at Calvin. "Kam...Tryinan cooks really bad is there a starbucks anywhere?" Calvin laughs and says "Tyrinan cooks very well considering she is 20850 years old." "wow" was the only reply you stop Calvin and asked him "Whats your powers?" Calvin smiled and said "I have empathy, teleknisis and evaportion ." "What are everyone elses?" He smiled and said " Kevin has teleportation, and healing. Tyson is a shapes---ter and a magician. Jason is the most dangerous." "why?" suddenly intrested "Jason can control everyone around him and he can get into your mind once he touchess you he can see in your memories. and Tryinan is a gaurdian of death so she can fly, she however cant age and she cant die." You take it all in. "what about your dad?" " My dad can open portals to the 50th dimension." "Really?" "No lol he can actually move things with his mind."
  7. Your still wondering about your power when you see a grizzly bear and a big ball of fire it front of it.. as soon you saw you screamed. But then you heard laughing. you stoped enough to see tyson and jason messing around. you were shocked, you glared as everyone bursted out laughing again. you ignore them and walk over to Tryinan who was cooking your favorie.....
  8. She finally gets done with supper and everyone sits down for it. you choose to sit by...
  9. who do you like
  10. do you want me to make a fourth..

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