Midnight part 2

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  1. You look around the big cabin and see a big table with chairs. A small kitchen and a little living room. The living room had a big couch and coffe table there was acouple of games under the coffee table. There was two chair couches. You see two little kids playing around. One had black hair and purple eyes. He was small and quiet.(Looks like Naoi's twin brother) The other one had white hair in a braid with yellow eyes.(She looks like tatchibana from angel beats but kid version.) They looked at you.
  2. The person in the kitchen seemed to be makeing some breakfest. She had black silky hair with yellow eyes. She was in her 30's(And looked like the aparment manager from chobits). The guy sitting down on a couch chair had black hair with some grey strands here and there. He looked like he was in his 40s.(Looks like the merchant guy from wolf and spice) and the guy pranceing around the living room had pure white hair with purple eyes. He looked like he was in his 30s. You looked at Clare. She seemed like your age(16). She had light green eyes and light brown hair tied up in a poney tail. She had short jeans a a t-shirt(looks like what danny wears from Danny Phantom. Use to watch when I was younger). Behind her was a tall 16 year old guy with ashy brown hair and red and black highlghts. He had super dark brown eyes and he had a t-shirt(that had a picture of a wolf on it.) and some jeans.
  3. "Don't worry Amy we are not going to hurt you." Said Clare. She walked past you and jumped on the couch. The woman in the kitchen walked over to you and smiled "Hi, I'm Nada. Come sit down breakfest is almost ready!" She said. She brought out some plates and put some pancakes on them. "Clare come help me set up the table!" She said to Clare. Clare got up and started putting out plates and silverwear. The darked brown eye guy started to help them. "Uh exscuse me but where am I?" You asked. The white hair guyed said "Well your safe from that on guy. Sorry about last night if we scared you. We ment no harm. Don't worry your friends are alright. The ranger came and took them home." He said.
  4. "Wait so you guys are like werewolves?" You asked, "Like in twilight?" They all looked at each other with the "heck no" looks. "We are werewolves but not like those. People these days always mess up with the real deal." The guy with grey hair said turning a page. "We are the real deal." Said the white haired guy. "So why were you at our camp last night?" You asked. "We snsed that someone crossed the line." Clare said. "Who? Me and my friends?" You asked curious. "No but something else. We saw your camp and saw the person. Your friend Drew. He was in our territory. We were only doing our job in protecting our territroy." Said the white haired guy.
  5. "So why do you guys not like Drew?" You asked. "He's been comeing into our territory for weeks. He been covering up his trails but we always found him. He thinks that he can beat a pack of us. When we saw him with you we feard that he bit you." Nada said. "He could have turned you into a vampire." Clare said. "Is that why he kept trying to kiss my neck?" You said. "So he has in some type of way." said the white haired guy. "I'm glad the pack got there before it was too late. We are going to do a little check up on you after breakfest. Is that okay?" You nodded. "I have nothing to hide." You opened your arms wide.
  6. "Okay everyone breakfest is ready!" Nada said. Everyone sat on the table. You sat next to the grey haired guy and Jack sat across from you with Clare sitting next to him and Nada and the white hiared guy sat across from each other. "So I'm with wolves. They don't seem that bad." You thought. The little kids sat next to you and ate their food. You took a bite of the pancakes and you tasted the sweet buttery fluffy food melt in your mouth. It didn't even have syrup. You took a drink of your water. It was cold and fresh. You finished your breakfest. Everyone helped with the dishes. Then they had you sit on the table. They did normal check ups like a doctor would. Nada looked at you and said "This is interesting. Your skin is fragile and thin like a human, but you feel cold. I hear a heart beat but no breathing. This is really unusual." She said deep in thought. "Who are your parents dear?" She asked looking inside your mouth. "I was adopted. My parents gave me up when I was little." You say. "I see, do you know who they are at least?" She asked. You shook your head.
  7. You looked at her and she said "This is vary interesting. But all humans are!" She said "The check up is over. Your perfectly fine!" She smled. You walked outside and saw the little kids running outside and playing. You saw the Clare running up a tree. She grabbed the nearest branch so she won't fall. She climbed to the top and said "Campers are ahead. Should we keep and eye on them?" Nada nodded. "Even though we have him it doesn't mean that they are safe. Keep and eye on them." She said to Clare. "Hey Amy would you like to walk to the lake with us? We are going over there for today?" Nada asked kindly. You nodded "Sure, but can I see Drew?" She looked at you and said "Yes, during the day he is no threat." You walk to the cabin that you were out in last night and saw Drew there still tied up. You closed the door behind you and hugged Drew. "Are you okay?" You asked him. "I can barley breath with these ropes but other then that I'm fine." He smiled. You didn't and asked him "Did you try to bite me last night?" He looked at you and shook his head "No I didn't, I was just kissing your neck." You look at him and say "But your a vampire..." He looked at you and nodded his head "Guess they told you." You kiss him lips and said "But I still trust you..." You kissed him and he kissed you. You stopped and said "We are going to get out of here. All we need to do is get out of here." "Okay untie me then. I'm no threat to them. But your on the inside so you can get them to trust me?" He said. You nodded and untied him. You walked outside with him. You heard a growl. You saw the dark brown eyed wolf. "Uh hi, I was just" Your about to say when you heard Jack's voice "Trying to help him escape?" He stared at Drew with anger in his eyes. "Look he won't escape. I was thinking o that you guys don't get along much so I thought that why don't he come to the lake?" You said nervously. "Jack do as she says" Said the white haired guy. Jack looked at Drew and stepped back. He started walking into the woods and said "I'm going ahead." He then ran out and disappeared beyond the trees. "Amy are you sure that you want to bring him?" Asked Nada. You nodded. "Vary well. said the guy. Nada looked at him shocked and said "Brad-" But he left before she could finish. Clare came down and looked at Drew carefully. "Ready to go?" She asked. You nodded. Then everyone walked into the woods.
  8. You walked for hours and then you passed a couple of bushes. You saw a big lake. You see Jack therethrowing up a ball. Clare ran and wolf tackled him. He turned into a wolf and pushed her into the water. She rose up and yell "You can be a jerk sometimes you know that?!" He turned back human and smiled "I'm not a jerl! I just have better fighting skills then you Clare!" "Hey you two, stop rough housing" said Brad. "Yeah Jack! Stop rough housing!" Clare yelled up at him. "You started it" Jack said. Clare can back up all wet. She turned into a wolf and shook herself dry. She turned back into a human and sat down. "Okay you two how about you stop horsing around and start acting like alpha's. You two are next in line you know. Clare shook her head "Why can't I be a beta?" She sighed. "Because there isn't another female wolf to be a good alpha." Said Brad.
  9. Clare grunted and said "Jack is not my type though?!" "Jack looked at her and said "I didn't think that your my type either but you gotta do what you gotta do for the pack. Who's stronger? The lone wolf or the pack?" Clare looked at him and said "The pack...." "Alright then, stop doing your pouting face and just deal with it." Jack said to her. She sighed, "Your gona be a bad alpha...." "How?" Jack said. "Jack would be a good alpha, he tells things right to the point, he listens to everyone and knows what to do and when to do it." Jero the gray haired guy said. Brad nodded his head in agreement. "Well he could at least be more romantic with me." Clare teased. Jack looked at her and sighed "I wish that you would just stop teasing people the way you do."
  10. The rest of the day you had a fun time with everyone. You swam with Clare and played volley ball with Jack and the other guys. Drew sat on a rock and kept a close eye on you. Sun was starting to set. You climbed out of the water. Everyone else came out and turned to wolves "Its going to be raining tonight." Jack said looking at the sky. "How? Its as clear as day." Drew said doubtfully. "Unlike your kind we wolves have high senses and can tell the weather from a week from now. Now lets go." Jack turned into a wolf and looked at you. "I still don't trust your little friend." Jack said. He nudge you gently to get moving. You moved forward and he kept a close eye on Drew. You came back to the camp by night fall. They kept a really close eye on Drew. You went inside your cabin and went to sleep with Drew's arms wrapped around you tightly. You heard the rain outside and thought "Guess that they were right about the rain." You woke up and had breakfest and saw that Drew was gone. "Hey where is he?" You asked Clare. "Drew, he left. We chsed him but he crossed the line so we had to stop chasing him. Don't know why he left." She said. Today she had jeans and a another big t-shirt. Her hair was long today. "Hey do you want some clothes? Staying in the same one for two days now must make you itch." She said. You looked at your clothes and said "Yeah I better get changing out of these." She got up and said "I have some clothes that you could wear." She walked to her cabin on the far left of the big one. She opened the closet and gave you some new clothes. "Thanks Clare, where can I wash myself." You asked. She pointed at the big cabin and said "Theres a bathroom in there and it has a shower." You nodded and said you thanks and took a nice warm shower.
  11. You got out and got dress in a pair of jeans and a pink tank top. You left the bathroom and put your new clothes in the closet. "This place isn't so bad after all" you think. You walk outside and see Jack in wolf form about to leave. You wonder where he is going so you follow him.
  12. Hi! Thats the end of part 2! Part three will be out!

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