It Began Around Midnight ... part 4

It Began Around Midnight is the outcome of ideas that i had collected from other quizzes that are really good and ideas that i came up with. I tried to make this quiz unique and a little different from others, but it still has those four guys who you get to choose between. It tells you that fantasy doesn't always stay a fantasy.

So, last quiz the guys explained a lot to you about them and their society, but you were interrupted by someone ringing your door bell. THE GUYS: *Kyle* medium height and medium muscles, deep emerald green eyes, and bleach white hair. *Zac* medium height and more muscles than Kyle, mesmerizing purple eyes, and sand colored hair. *Andre* slim and agile, bright topaz eyes and dark brown hair. *Christian* slim, but still has muscles, jet-black hair, magnificent red eyes.

Created by: Toni
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  1. You see a tall slim figure standing on your front steps. He has light brown hair and dark brown eyes. It's Scott, your ex-boyfriend. You can't believe that he has the nerve to come over to your house after you found him making out with his other girlfriend. He's just standing there with a bright smile on his face and hope in his eyes. "What do you want?" you snap at him and his smile fades.
  2. He's just standing there looking like he's thinking about what to say. "Well..." you say. "Um, i was wondering if you wanted to get together sometime," Scott says. "What about your girlfriend?" you ask him coldly. "She broke up with me," he replies. "Oh you poor baby," you say with sarcasm. "Haha, very funny. So do you want to hang out or not?" he asks you.
  3. "No." you reply. "What? Why not? Don't you believe in second chances?" he asks. "I do believe in second chances, but not for you. Besides while my parents are at work they want me to clean the house. Anyway, i don't like you that way, actually i don't like you at all anymore," you answer. "Fine I'll give you the last part, but," he takes a step towards you, so he is now right in front of you. "Your parents aren't at work, they're in Florida." "How do you know that?" you ask suspiciously. "You told me your parents were planning to go to Florida before you broke up with me," he states.
  4. "So your alone and you don't seem busy so why don't i come in?" he starts to move forward, but you step in his way. "No," you say. "Common," he says. "She said 'no'," came a voice from behind you. You turn your head to see Kyle standing beside you. "What! Who are you?" Scott asks clearly confused. You quickly think of a lie, "He's my cousin Kyle." That's about all you got. Then Kyle backs you up, "______'s parents asked me if i could watch her while they were away." "He looks more like your new boyfriend to me," Scott says. "What?" you say, Scott has completely gotten on your nerves now. Kyle steps around you so he is now facing Scott and he looks intimidating. "I think that it is time for you to leave now," Kyle states. "You and what army?" asks Scott. For a second you think that the guys will come and stand behind you, but all that happens is Kyle keeps talking. "I don't need one. Do you think that you're really a match for me?" Kyle asks. You look at Scott, he is practically the same height as Kyle, but Kyles muscles can be clearly seen through his shirt. With that Scott takes a few steps back and starts to make his way down your drive way. You step back as Kyle closes the door.
  5. You turn and see the other guys standing close by, but anyone standing in the door way would not be able to see them. "So...who was that guy?" asks Zac. " And why were you so mad at him?" asks Christian. "His name is Scott, he's my ex-boyfriend. It's a long story and before i tell you can we go somewhere more comfortable than the kitchen or here?" you ask. "Sure," replies Zac. You make your way past the guys and head for the living room. Once in the living room you sit down on one of the black leather chairs, while Zac sits on the other black leather chair and the others sit on the leather couch. "It started before we left for holidays. Scott was my boy-friend then and i was really happy with him. It was announced that on the last day of school before the holidays there was supposed to be this huge formal dance. This got everyone excited because our school isn't big on dances. Scott asked me if i would go with him and i said yes, then my best friends crush asked her out and we were both really excited. Me and my best friend then went on this huge shopping trip to find the perfect dress. On the day before the dance one of my other friends was having a party and she invited me. My parents weren't sure if i should go and i told my friend that i might not be able to go. I ended convincing my parents to let me go. When i got to the party my friend was surprised that i made it because she thought that i wouldn't come. So there i was having a lot of fun and i saw Scott. I started to go up to him and ask him if he wanted to dance, but as i got closer i noticed that he was making out with a girl. It felt like someone tore my heart out and threw it out the window, so i went and confronted him. It turned out that the girl was his other girlfriend and she thought that she was his only one. I broke up with him right then and there and started to leave the party. Scott followed me and begged for forgiveness, but i just ignored him and ran. Tears were running down my face and i was rounding a corner when i lost me footing and tumbled into the bushes. Scott had been chasing me and didn't know where i went so he head back to the party. I realized that i couldn't walk because i sprained my ankle and i had to crawl to get back to the sidewalk. I had to phone my parents to come and get me. My parents came and took me to the hospital. I ended up not being able to go to the dance and my dress is still packed away up in my room never used," you finished and fought to keep tears from leaving your eyes.
  6. "It seems to me like he doesn't deserve you ______," states Zac. "Huh...why do you say that?" you ask. "Well, from spending the time i have with you and you telling us the story about what Scott did to you as well as from that incident when he came to the door, it seems like he's not good enough for you," answers Zac. "I agree," you turn to look at Andre. That's one of the first times he's talked to you. "Same here. Scott is just a self absorbed jerk who didn't see the beauty that you posses," states Kyle. You can feel your checks starting to warm up and you starting to blush. "Dido, if i had known about Scott when he came here today, i would have thrown him into a pit of rapid geese," happily states Christian. "What? Dude, rapid geese?" asks Kyle clearly confused. "Well have you seen those things? They're vicious, they have sharp teeth and they his at you when you go near them," explains Christian. You guys all laugh at Christians answer.
  7. Once you guys stop laughing you feel your stomach starting to grumble. "I'm going to get something to eat. Do you guys want anything?" you ask. "Um," Kyle starts. "We don't eat any human food..." "Oh...right...sorry," you say. "Don't worry about it," says Kyle. There is a little bit of an awkward silence, then you say "Well, I'm just going to be in the kitchen." You stand up and make your way to the kitchen. You wonder what you are going to eat/make.
  8. Your leaning against the counter, eating, when Andre walks into the kitchen. "Hey," says Andre. "Hi," you reply. " and the guys are are going to go out...and look around, we uh want to make sure that there are no other vampires around, in the area. If there, uh is, it could make a lot of trouble if they were to found out that we, uh are in contact with a human. And we, uh..." he lets the sentence drop. Then you get why he did. The guys need to eat. "Oh..." you say. "Yeah..." Andre answers."We, uh we'll try not to take too long. There's, um quite a bit of area to cover, but we can run, we're fast," Andre states. "Okay," you say. Andre looks down and rubs his neck, looking a little nervous, but he comes up to you only taking one step. He raps his arms around you in a hug. Your shocked by this as he steps back. "Well, i guess we'll...see you later," he says then he turns and walks out of the kitchen.
  9. You hear the front door open and close, then your alone. You finish eating and clean up any mess you made. You decide to head back to the living room and watch TV. You hut down the remote before you flop down on the couch. You turn on the TV and start to channel surf. Your watching some SpongeBob SquarePants episode when you decide to change you position on the couch, so you are now lying down on it. You feel you eyelids start to drop, and you welcome sleep.
  10. Your not awake, but your not one-hundred percent asleep when you feel someone lifting you up so your cradled against their chest. You feel them carrying you and soon they are starting to make their way upstairs. The movement seems to be soothing you, so you find yourself drifting into a dreamless sleep. Who do you want to be carrying you?

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