It Began Around Midnight ... part 5

It Began Around Midnight is the outcome of ideas that i had collected from other quizzes that are really good and ideas that i came up with. I tried to make this quiz unique and a little different from others, but it still has those four guys who you get to choose between. It tells you that fantasy doesn't always stay a fantasy.

So, in this quiz i'm introducing a new character, your/one of your best friends, Cindy. But she isn't going to become a big character, so you might not see her in the other quizzes, besides the next one. THE GUYS: *Kyle* medium height and medium muscles, deep emerald green eyes, and bleach white hair. *Zac* medium height and more muscles than Kyle, mesmerizing purple eyes, and sand colored hair. *Andre* slim and agile, bright topaz eyes and dark brown hair. *Christian* slim, but still has muscles, jet-black hair, magnificent red eyes.

Created by: Toni
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  1. (If you haven't read the first two sentences of the second paragraph, please do) You restlessly turn over in your bed. You had suddenly woken up and couldn't seem to fall back to sleep. Your mind starts to wonder and you have thoughts about Scott along with thoughts about Andre, Kyle, Christian, and Zac. A theory starts to develop in your mind, making you think that the guys probably won't leave you any time soon. Then you start to wonder why they are even staying with you. You guys come from two totally different worlds, and the one they're from has to kill innocent people like you to survive. But as you think about they have treated you with so much kindness, and you start to put some ideas together. You get the answer to why you did not die that night when you were supposed to.
  2. With your mind racing you give up trying to sleep. You sit up and turn on the light on the nightstand. The light is blinding, but only for a few seconds. You look around your room and try to decide what your going to do, since sleeping is out of the question.
  3. Your not 100% sure what your going to do; a thought comes to your mind. You get up and go open your closet door and start looking around for a shoe box. You manage to find the shoe box you were looking for and pull it out of your closet and place it on your bed. You take off the top of the box. A pair of high heeled shoes sits at the top of the box, you take them out and pull out a beautiful dress. You change into your dress and slip on the high heels. You lightly comb your fingers through your hair, then step in front of a full length mirror in your room (a gift from your parents). You look into the mirror and can't help admiring yourself in a...
  4. "Wow, Scott really missed out," commented a voice from behind you. You quickly turn around to see Christian standing in your bedroom doorway. You're speechless as Christian walks up to you and whispers in your ear. "You look beautiful." You look up into his eyes and see warmth and adoration. "I...I couldn't sleep,so... yeah," you stutter as you gesture toward your dress. Christian only smiles a gentle smile toward you.
  5. You two look at each other for a while, then Christian takes a step backwards. He leans forwards and holds out one of his hands toward you, without taking his eyes away from yours. "May a charming young woman such as yourself care to join me in a dance?" he asks in the most polite and gentlemen voices you've ever heard.
  6. A little taken aback you put your hand in his. He gently pulls you toward him and he moves both of his hands onto your waist. Out of instincts you move both of your hands up onto his shoulders. He starts to move and you carefully follow his lead, as you two start to circle around eachother. His bright red eyes seem hypnotic and you can't find any reason to look away from them. You two circle around each other and you start to feel really comfortable with Christian. You come a bit closer to him and ly your head on his chest, when you do so you a feeling of safety washes over you.
  7. "Christian can i ask you something? I'm honestly just curious," you say with your head still on his chest. "Sure," answered Christian. "I was wondering why you asked me to dance?" you ask. He's still smiling as he looks down at you. "Well, _______ i thought about that bad memmory you told me and the others about Scott. I decided that i didn't want you to have your first memmories, about me and the guys, to be ones where you are scared and angry. So, i thought i'd help. I know it's weird and it may seem kind of akward, but..." he lets the sentence drop as he looks away from you and he shrugs. You can see that his smile faded as he looked away.
  8. Despite what you think you say, "Well, i think that it's sweet." Christians smile returns and you start to feel your eye lids dropping. Before you know it you have fallen asleep and you could feel that Christian stopped dancing. (Later) You wake up to find the sun shining into your bedroom through your window. You get off your bed and stretch; you realize that you are still wearing your dress. You change into a pair of jeans and put on your favorite t-shirt. You head down the stairs and before you pass the living room you can see that all the guys are awake. Kyle and Andre are sitting on the floor playing chess and Christian is sitting on the leather couch with the remote in his hand and he is channel surfing. But you realize that Zac isn't in the living room. Christian turns and meets your gaze. He smiles at you and you can't help smiling back. "Good morning _______," he says. Then Andre and Kyle also turn in your direction and send smiles toward you.
  9. You continue on your way and head into the kitchen to get some breakfast. When you enter the kitchen you notice that Zac is leaning against the kitchen counter drinking something from a mug. From the smell in the kitchen you can tell that the mug has coffee in it. "I thought vampires didn't eat or drink human food," you state confused. "We usually don't, because it gives us no nutritional value. But sometimes vampires, like me, enjoy having some human food, like coffee, once in a while," explains Zac. "Oh," you say. You make yourself some cereal and go take a seat at your kitchen table. Zac is still leaning against the kitchen counter as you start eating your cereal. Zac soon makes his way toward the kitchen table and he sits across from you. "I'm sorry," he says. You look at him confused. "Why are you saying sorry?" you ask him. "Well, it seems like me and guys have welcomed ourselves into your home and started using some of your families possesion," he explains. "You guys don't sleep do you," you state. "That's right. Why do you ask?" he asks and is now the one who's confused. "Well, since you guys don't sleep, you must get kinda bored throughout the night or maybe even throughout the day. So i don't mind if you guys watch TV, play bored games, get yourself some human food, so on so forth. When some of your friends are like mine you get used to it. So go right ahead," you state. "That's very kind of you ______, and i speak for the guys as well as myself when i say 'thank you.'" "No problem," you say. Right after you finishe talking the phone on the kitchen counter starts rining. You get up from the table and go answer it.
  10. "Hello?" you say. "Hi ______. It's Cindy," says the person on the other end. "Oh, hi Cindy. How's it going?" you ask. "Good, how about you?" Cindy asks you. "Oh, it's going good," you say with flashes of the guys in your head. "Hey, ______, do you think that you would be able to come over?" she asks with hope in her voice. You think about the idea. You would really like to go over to your best friend's house, but what about the guys. You don't want to feel like you would be ditching them if you left, but the guys have grown on you, you like being around them and who knows how long they will stay with you. "I...I'm sorry Cindy. I'm not feeling very well," you can barely bring yourself to lie to her. "Oh...okay," she sounds a little upset. "I'll see you around then," she says still a little upset. "Bye," you say to her, you hang up the phone and set it back down on the counter. You look at Zac; he's giving you a gentle look. "You're not feeling well?" he asks you. "No, I'm feeling fine," you answer. "Who called you?" he asks curiously. "My best friend," you say a little upset. "You know if you want to go and hang out with your friend, you can. I don't want you to feel like you have to stay here with us or anything," he says gently. You shrug. "It's just that I don't want to feel like I'm ditching you guys or I don't want you guys to feel like I'm ditching you, because I like hanging out with you guys," you state. "Oh," he says. You shrug again. "What!?!" you hear Christian exclaim and you can hear Kyle laugh. You head into the living room and see Christian sitting in front of the chess board with surprise and shock all over his face. Andre is sitting on the other side of the chess bored with a triumphant smile on his face. Kyle is now sitting in a chair, near Christian and Andre, with a huge smile on his face. "Bravo, Christian, bravo," says Kyle as he claps his hands. "What happened?" you ask. "Christian wanted to play a game of chess against Andre, he was sure that he would be able to win and I swear that Andre beat Christian in fifteen seconds flat," Kyle explains still smiling. You look back a Christian's face and can't help but smile. "I'm sure that's a new world record Andre," claims Zac. You look beside you and see Zac; you didn't even notice him come into the living room. And guess what, the door bell rings.
  11. You go answer the door. Standing on your steps is a slim girl, a little shorter than you, who looks your age, she has curly auburn hair that drops to her shoulders and she has baby blue eyes. "Hi ______," she says. "Hi Cindy," you say. She has walked into your house by now. "What brings you here?" you ask as politely as you can. "Well, I was thinking that since you weren't able to come to my house," she puts her coat on a small table by the door and talks in her naturally quiet voice, "that I would come to your house and help you feel better." Irritated you think, why now. Cindy starts to walk away from you, toward the living room. "I also-,"she stops talking once you block her way by stepping in front of her. "I'm not sure about that Cindy, because I'm still not feeling well and I think I should go have a long nap," you say trying to get her to leave. "Well then you can go sleep and I'll hang around until you wake up," she suggests. "Um, no thanks, because I think that after I have a nap I would like some peace and quiet," you say. Your words are clearly telling her to leave, but she doesn't get the hint. "Don't worry we can do something-," she dodges past you and hurries toward the living room, but she stops and gasps. "Who are they?" she asks. You hurry toward her and see Andre, Kyle, Zac, and Christian sitting in the living room. You can see all their faces, but Christians, because he has bright red eyes and if Cindy saw them...
  12. I know that Kyle and Andre do't show up much in this quiz, but that doesn't make them any less important.

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