It Began Around Midnight ... part 3

It Began Around Midnight is the outcome of ideas that i had collected from other quizzes that are really good and ideas that i came up with. I tried to make this quiz unique and a little different from others, but it still has those four guys who you get to choose between. It tells you that fantasy doesn't always stay a fantasy.

Okay, so last quiz the guys mysteriously popped out of nowhere and you ran into your kitchen to get the phone and call for help, when the guys cornered you. You found out what they look like and their names, plus a little a their personality. It ended off with you asking who they are.

Created by: Toni
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  1. "We're..." Kyle starts, but seems to be unsure if he should continue. "Vampires," Christian finishes. "Okay..." you say a little shaky,"I think i kinda figured that out after Kyle bit me last night," you look toward Kyle and he seems a little upset. You continue, "what do you guys want?""We just want to talk with you right now. We came into your life so we should explain ourselves." Zac explains as he takes a step towards you. You take a step back, but are stopped by a wall behind you. You notice that the others have taken a step back as if to give you and Zac more room.
  2. "What's your name?" Zac asks politely. "_____," you answer. "Well _____ I'm Zac and these are my friends Andre, Christian, and Kyle," he points to each of the guys as he announces their names. "We are not here to hurt you, by what i know none of us would want to even think about it," he takes another step forward and you raise the frying pan higher.
  3. Zac raises his hands in a calming gesture and takes another step toward you, so that he is now just in front of the frying pan. Your mind loses control as your body takes it as you find yourself bringing the frying pan back toward you then taking a step forward and swinging the frying pan with all you strength toward Zac.
  4. It all happens so quickly. At first your swinging the pan toward Zac and the next he changes his position and catches the pan with both hands right before it hit him. You felt a little weird once Zac caught the pan. You felt like all your frustration, anger and fear was attached to the pan and once Zac caught it the emotions disappeared.
  5. Zac takes the pan out of your hands and sets it on the counter. "Are you ready to talk now?" Zac asks you politely. You nod your head still shocked by what just happened, but you feel free from those emotions that attacked you earlier and you feel that you can think clearer. Zac lightly takes your hand and leads you to your kitchen table where the others are already seated.
  6. (Later)"So... let me get the facts straight. You guys are a group of vampires who have been friends for a while. And the color of your eyes represent which family clan you are from. Zac's from the Telin clan. Kyle's from the Majek clan. Andre's from the Calabren clan and Christians from the Abeca clan," you look around the table and the guys nod their heads in agreement.
  7. "And right now in your guys society there is a war going on between vampires because this other vampire, Dementia, poisoned some of the vampire populations minds. Then she murdered the vampire king, Gossamer, and the queen, Crimson," you look around the table to see the guys nodding approvingly.
  8. "I have some questions," you say. "Go ahead," Kyle encourages. "It's just the names of the vampires you guys told me about...their names are...well, the names seem so-" you try to say. "Old," Christian finishes. "I was going to say odd, but okay, do you know why?" you ask. "It's because their are old. Do you know about cat years?" Christian asks. you nod your head in reply. "Well vampires are kinda like that, but every two years we grow a year. If we're lucky we could live to be 400 years old, which means we could live for 800 years," Christian explains. "Why do you say 'if we're lucky'," you ask. "I say that because we can still die from specific diseases, get killed or just die of old age and even being 300 years old is old," Christian states. "How old are you guys?" you ask. "I'm about 32, Zac's 34, Kyle's 35, and Andre's 37. In human years." Christian adds.
  9. "Didn't you say you had some questions?" asks Kyle. "Oh yeah," you say then continue. "I don't mean to be rude, but how do i fit into this mess, like into your lives and way of life?" The guys exchange looks then Kyle explains, "You don't, well not entirely. I mean just last night it looked like you wouldn't survive, but your fate changed. You don't have anything special, like powers or anything, that will save our nation. Unless you count the fact that there are four vampires in your life that don't want to hurt you. But your just a regular human being and you seem to just fit into our personal lives."
  10. "Okay i just have two last questions. First, why didn't i die last night? And Second, what's going to happen now?" you ask. There is a long pause as the guys exchange looks and seem to be thinking about the answer. You sit at the end of the table patiently; you look up to the clock, it's after nine in the morning. The doorbell rings and all the guys turn their heads and look into the direction of the front door. You get up and make your way to the door. You slowly turn the knob and open the door. Standing on the front steps is...
  11. I know this quiz was more talking than anything else, but i hope that it was interesting. Will you come back for part 4?

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