After Death part 2

This is Part THREE!!!If you have not the others you should probably take them.Part Three Part Three Part Three. Descriptions of the guys below.

JOSH: Brown hair, blue eyes, and lean muscles, and makes you feel secure.NICK: Brown hair, brown eyes.Scrawny, but it suits him.Nerdy.TYLER: Blonde hair, blue eyes, lean muscles.Flirty. MATTHEW: Jet black hair, green eyes.Mysterious-looking.

Created by: booknerd224
  1. When I woke up my pillow was soaked with tears.I got up and looked around the house.One bathroom, one bedroom,a small living room, and a kitchen/ dining room combo.Small, but nice.All of the heavy grief was gone, and I felt energenic.I went to the bedroom,found a chesnut brown dresser, and threw on jeans and a T-Shirt.Then I found a book and read for a while.
  2. I was so into my book that I practicly jumped 10 feet.Then I realized that the guys were probably at the door so I rushed to it.When I opened it I saw Matthew."We know you have questions, but we'll explain if you just come to our house."He said.I answered "OK" I answered.Wouldn't you say yes if you were dead and slightly confused?
  3. We went down the street and into a house(which I assumed was thiers) itt was big!It was about the size of a small mansion.We went into the living room.The rest of the guys were sitting on couches.I plopped down on a recliner and made contact with all of them.It was silent for half a minute.Finally Tyler broke the ice."What do you want to know?"He asked.I shrugged and said"Tell me... What this place is, for starters."
  4. "This is the afterlife.After somebody dies, they are sent to an area that no person living would ever go. The area is covered with an enchantment that makes it so that living people ignore the area with ghosts."Nick answered. "How does everbody fit?"I asked."The living doesn't know it, but the earth gets bigger every day.Every year the Earth has grown another of whatever the original Earth size."Josh answered this time.
  5. "So evey one here is a ghost?" I asked."Yup.Every single person you see here"Said Matthew."What hunger and sleep and stuff like that.I wasn't hungry when I woke up,but I saw a fridge."I was wondering that for a while."You only have to eat once a month.But most people choose to eat every day.You also can never get too full."He said.Hmmmm.No cravings, and no price."And you only have to sleep 1 hour every 24 hours."
  6. I stopped thinking about food and asked one more question."What about working?"Nick answered this time."Each person, after 3 days of off time, gets selected for the abilities that they've had when they were living.So, after tomorrow, you will be selected for your job and will be doing that for the rest of eternenty.Don't worry though, you'll like it.Who knows, maybe you'll be working in our field of work as goverment agents, takeing people here and explaining how they'll be living for the rest of forever."My jaw dropped.Goverment agents?Tyler ignored my jaw-dropping, and said"Now we have an important question for you sweetheart.Do you want to be our roomate?An extra room will be added imedietly to our house, in fact, it will be the exact room that you saw at your house"If my jaw was any lower, it would have been on the ground.Move in, with them?
  7. "O-oh k-kay" I said.Then I heard a 'fwwoop' and a muffled,small, crash.The guys went into a hallway and opened a familiar white door.I peeked inside and saw exactly what my room looked like.Twin-sized bed, white walls, chesnut brown dresser.It looked like my room in life."This place is amazing" I whispred to myself.I went back to the living room(Where the guys went while I was looking in aww.)I plopped on a couch."Sooo, what do people do here?" I asked, feeling awkward."We just do what living people do.Anything that sounds fun at the moment.We can go-"BOOM!A loud boom sounded and then dozens of screams coming from outside.
  8. The guys rushed to the door.They opened it and thier eyes widened.I rushed to the door.It wasn't the pizza guy.It looked like a natural disaster area.People were running franticly.No dead bodies,but plenty of smashed up buildings.
  9. Josh slammed the door shut.Nick was pacing, Matthew was mumbling, and Tyler was sitting on the couched, wide-eyed and clearly shocked.Josh said"Ahem."The guys looked at him."So, we know who did this.There is one man capable of this.It means one thing:Brandon Rowan has found her."
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!MWAHAHAHA! >:) Don't worry, I'll get the next part soon enough.*Evil laughter

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