Highschool, Drama, and Guys P5

So many truths are revealed in this part. Part five. Will you find out if Nick was really cheating on you. Do you get to see Rave more?? Will there be a fight at school??

Come and take an adventure. I dont know if there will be a part 6. So tell me what you think. Cus this episode may be the last.. Maybe, then again maybe not

Created by: Kirsteen111
  1. Black- That was the last thing you saw.. Until now. You see the ceiling. Your room ceiling. Hmmm.. How did you get back home again? OH thats right Mike had hit you over the head.. But who brought you home? You sit up and see
  2. Its Rave. He smiling. On the other side of the room. You are startled at first but then he calms you down, "Its ok. I brought you home. Sorry about Mike. Hes.. well pretty dumb sometimes." He almost laughs.
  3. The next thing you know- you hear the door bell ring. You get up and walk to the bedroom window. All you see are Roses on your front door. You look back at Rave. He is smiling sweetly. Then you say, "Who sent me.. Was that you?" Rave looks puzzled.. he doesnt look like he knows what your talking about. So you tell him, "Ill be right back" You head downstair to your front door.
  4. You open the door and see the roses. Ytou pick them up and notice a note. It reads, "I looked into things and found out why you were so mad at me. I AM SO MAD AT MATT! He lied, ______! I dont have a girlfriend. Thats my sister honest! Plz meet with me at school- Only yours.. Nick"
  5. You run back up stairs- your eyes and cheeks are moist with tears.. You get up there.. WHAT?? Wheres.. Rave? He is gone.
  6. You look out your window but you dont see him.. You decide to get ready for school. You wear:
  7. You get to school and the first thing you see when you get there is a large circle of kids. They are all yelling and jumping around. You run and squeeze through the circle. There in the middle- Nick and Matt. They see you.. Nick smiles but seems irratated. Then he yells at Matt "Tell her the truth!!" Matt smiles an evil smile, "Ya, ya. I was purposely being friends with you- that way Jill would be cross. Shes such... Anyway. It worked and i had a good laugh about it. ____, dont take it too personally but i never liked you. You are.. just an ugly new girl.." He smiled
  8. This comment infurriated Nick. You saw him bring up his fists. "No one says that to ______!!" Nick then runs at Matt and starts to pound him to a pulp. They toss and turn hitting each other harder and harder with each blow. The roaring teens keep yelling ludly "FIGHT FIGHT!!" But you are crying. How could so much drama happen in Just a few days. And you are still stunned that Matt was a liar the whole time..
  9. Pretty soon grown ups are running toward the fight. They break it up and you try to see what the guys look like, as they are pulled to the principles office. Matt looks like he got hit by a car!! Hes really beaten up. Nick has a bloody nose and black eye. But over all- Nick would have won.
  10. You enter the school. Everyone seems all round up. They are all talking about the fight. At least twenty people told you how they were fighting over you. But you already knew that. SHeesh YOU WERE RIGHT there the whole TIME!! The rest of the day passes by quickly. you see Mike at the park on your way home. Hes blowing things up-- like usual. You walk up to him with your hands on your hips. He looks up and smiles- "Sorry about yesterday. I wasnt thinking straight." He smiles sweetly. But you still have a little grudge. He gives you the remote control, "Push that button!" You hesitate
  11. You push the button and fireworks go up. Its hard to see because there is still light outside BUT you notice the particular shape of the fireworks as they blow up. It looks like.. Your name. In blues and reds and greens!! Oh its beautiful. How in the world did he get them to be in letters?? He smiles widely, "Did it myself!" He pats his back. You two admire it for awhile before you go home
  12. You get home and have a whole lot to put into your journal tonight! So much happened this week. O my goodness TOO much!! And its only been one week..
  13. You begin to write- 'This week has been dramatic but fun and sad all at the same time. I just hope next week will have less drama! But who knows.. Anyway, I found out Jill ISNT my friend. And that Rave seems very trustworthy. He is shy though. Matt is a liar!! And nick is very protective. And he likes me alot- like more than a friend.. maybe. And Mke is sweetly strong BUT strange.' You put the journal up
  14. You turn off the lights.. in your silky pajamas. You await the sweet and lovely weekend. And past that.. Another week of Drama. But Sometimes drama is good.. Especially in highschool :)

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