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Hey guys! So, this is part one of my new series. I thought I'd go ahead and introduce you all to it, just to get some fresh thoughts and opinions. No, this won't be like ' The Guardian', no powers, angels, etc. Just highschool drama.

So, I'd like to personally dedicate this to Ericat: you've been here for me since day one (basically) and I hope you enjoyed this. I'd like to also thank Houndlover and Weirdhead, for all they do!

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. okay, so ur probably wondering what this is....
  2. well, it's not rlly anything
  3. i'd also like to let you all know i've decided to leave gtq, due to the fact that i'll be really busy moving and stuffs....
  4. but.... if you really want to talk to me, or whatever, just ask HoundLover... i think she still uses this some.... and she can tell you what current websites i'll be using
  5. so, anyways, i guess this is it
  6. oh. one last thing.
  7. i'd like to personally say, for those of you who have been accusing me of ripping of Kori's story, you could have handled this way better. There was no reason to practically attack me. if you felt my story was ripping her off, you could have calmly addressed that fact to me.
  8. I know some of you DID address it sorta calmly, but then there were some of you who took it way too far.
  9. Also, i'd like to once again apologize to Kori for what happened, but i just wish it had been handled better. not trying to play the sympathy card or whatever.... but some of the stuffs people have been saying to me has been a bit hurtful.
  10. so, i guess this is it.... ill have the others off soon. bye

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