A life Unlived - Part One

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Hi guys! Lexi here with part one of this lovely series! First things first, please give me some suggestions for a new character ( a guy) and a friend for Alexis ( girl or boy)

Also... I have an important question for you all. Do you know da wae? xD sorry, sorry! I couldn't help myself. I know that's like, super old, or whatever, but it's all I could think of.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. ***RECAP***"Alexis. You have a visitor." Mother Rachel called, my heart leaping as I ran downstairs to see....
  2. A tall middle-aged man, with the same coffee brown hair as mine, grey eyes that seemed to twinkle as he saw me, and a Smile that made me want to cry. " Alexis!" he cried, stretching out his arms, my heart racing as I leapt into his embrace. "Dad!" I shrieked, squeezing him tightly.
  3. "Alexis, sweet girl. I missed you so much. I heard what happened with your mother and decided I'd save you from this prison she threw you in. " he said teasingly, knowing how mom and I never really got along. "Really? But what if... What if they need you back at the base?" I asked worriedly, still squeezing him tightly, scared to let him go. " I retired. We'll be moving to LA! Isn't that exciting?" he asked, his smile growing wider while mine melted away. Sure, LA sounded fun, but... But what about Owen? If he was still searching for me, he'd probably never find me there.
  4. I thought it over for a minute deciding what to do. Sure, maybe Owen was still looking for me, but there's a chance he moved on. He probably has a girlfriend as we speak. He's such a charmer, I wouldn't be surprised. But, dad was here right now, wanting me to move to LA. The choice was hard, but I decided to go with what I had right now. "Yeah. That sounds fun, dad." I smiled, giving him a small hug before pulling away to hug Mother Rachel.
  5. "Go ahead Alexis. You'll get to have a real life, a real family. I'll miss you tons, but I will always be here for you if you need me." she whispered, noticing the tears lining my eyes. "I'll miss you too, Mother Rachel." I sobbed, falling into her embrace, burying my head into her shoulder as she began to cry too. "Here. Wait just a second." she sniffed, pulling away and scurrying over to a small wooden box lined in white lace. Carefully unlatching the golden lock that kept it shut, she opened it up, pulling out a small black necklace. She walked back over to me, brushing my hair away from my neck and putting it around my neck.
  6. "Alexis, my mother gave this to me when I was a little girl. She insisted that I hold on to it until I found a young girl who deserved it as much as I did. She wanted me to give it to somebody I loved. Keep it and do the same thing as she had me do." she whispered, smiling as I gave a sharp nod." I will, Mother Rachel. I will." I sniffed, giving her one last hug before packing my bags and leaving with dad. "LA here we come!" he shouted excitedly, his eagerness making me laugh. Life was good. Really, really good.
  7. *,**Owens POV***It had been six years since I'd last seen the love of my life, Alexis Versailles. I missed her so much and had been looking for her ever since. I'd never stopped, and I don't plan on stopping until I find her. Most people didn't get why I did this, but then again, nobody knew her like I did.
  8. *** Still Owens POV***She was a beautiful girl, a real beauty. My brother, Johnny, always thought she was an angel on earth, and for once in my life, I agreed with him. Behind her beauty was a sweet girl with a pure heart, a girl who was amazing inside and out. I loved her so much, and I love her even more now.
  9. *** Still Owens POV***The problem was, our dad had moved us off to Los Angeles, a year ago, and that was going to make it hard to get to her. I mean, sure, it'd be cool if she just moved to LA too, but what were the chances of that actually happening?This is real life we're talking about, not a movie or anything. But a guy can dream, right?
  10. *** Owens POV still***I gave a small sigh, pulling myself outside to get some fresh air, when Johnny came running over to me, practically knocking me over. " Owen! Dude! Guess what?!" he exclaimed, jumping up and down with a smile that could outshine the sun. "What dude?" I laughed. "We're getting new neighbors! Dad said he saw them this morning and said that there was a girl about our age. He said she seemed really sweet, not to mention pretty." he said excitedly. Of course. He was always excited to meet a girl. I should have guessed it. "Did he say when they were moving in?" I asked. "Yeah. They just bought the place, so they'll be their tomorrow. Dad invited them over for dinner tomorrow night, so time for me to get my swag on." he grinned, giving a wink before skipping away.
  11. I don't get why Johnny was so excited. I mean, she couldn't be that great. She was probably one of those blonde girls who thought they were all that. Well, she probably had nothing on Alexis. Scratch that. She definitely had nothing on Alexis. She couldn't be that great.
  12. ***Alexis's POV***Once we'd arrived in Los Angeles, dad immediately took me to the place we'd be staying, a large house on a lovely block. We stepped out into the yard, a tall guy walking up to talk to my dad, his face friendly looking as he insisted we go to his house tomorrow night and eat with his family. Once he'd left, dad told me that he'd met the guys family once, and said he had two sons around my age. "They're pretty nice looking young men, too. You'd like them, I bet." he said, chuckling as my face went red. "Dad. Don't even start!" I laughed, getting back into the car with a smile.
  13. *** The Next Day***Dad had insisted I go explore LA, get used to all of the stores and stuff and get some nice clothing. I did as he said, picking out a couple of cute dresses, a few pairs of jeans, shorts and skirts, a few tank tops and shirts, a few different shoes and some cute accessories that were half priced. Finally, dad had came to pick me up, leaving just enough time for me to get ready before we went to our neighbors house for dinner.
  14. Once we got home, I slipped on an army green strapless dress that laced up in the back, the dress tightly fitting around my waist, showing off all of my curves. It was pretty cute, reaching down to my upper thigh. Slipping on a pair of black strappy heels, I went over to a mirror, giving a pleased smile at my reflection. "Alexis! Come on or we'll be late!" dad yelled from downstairs. "Coming!" I hollered, prancing downstairs as fast as you can prance in High-heels.
  15. "You look gorgeous. Now let's go!, " dad grinned, leading me over to the front door with a small laugh. "Okay, okay." I laughed, stepping outside to see it was raining hard. "Oh man. Uhm. Hold on." he grumbled, running inside and coming back with an umbrella. "Thanks." I smiled, following his lead as he walked over to the house next door. He quickly rung the doorbell, melodious music pouring out of it. Moments later, the guy from earlier came to the door with a grin. "Come in, come in!" he insisted, politely taking my umbrella and sitting it on a rack. "Thanks." I smiled, following him and dad into the house.
  16. "I forgot to intro myself. How silly of me. I'm Brian Mattingly." he grinned, extending his hand for dad to shake. " Nice to meet you. I'm Martin Versailles, and this is my daughter, Alexis." dad said, giving a stiff handshake. " Dad, the tables all set, now.... " a boy said, his words trailing off as he spotted me. "I'll be right back!" he said, taking off around a corner, his dad giving a nervous laugh. "You'll have to excuse him. He's a little silly, but he's a good boy. " he said with a shrug.
  17. ***Johnny's POV***Dad wasn't lying when he had said the girl was pretty. Owen was going to have a heart attack once he found out who she was. That beautiful angel he'd fallen in love with all those years ago. I didn't really blame him. She WAS really pretty. Wait... no, really mega-hot. Turbo hot. Not to mention she was so sweet. Yeah, I'll admit, I'd always had a huge crush on her, but I knew Owen liked her, so I tried to control myself. But.... Man, she got really hot. "Owen! You won't believe who's here!" I exclaimed, his face pretty bored as he gave a guess. "Selena Gomez?" he asked. "No!! She's much hotter than Selena!" I insisted. "Who then?" he asked. "Alexis." I smiled, watching his eyes widen.
  18. "WHAT!!?!" he screamed, grabbing me by the shoulders. "Alexis Versailles, that beautiful angel on earth, is out next door neighbor." I said, his face reddening as he realized I'd been crushing on her too. " Is she as pretty as she used to be?" he finally asked. "No. She's way hotter." I laughed, telling him what she was wearing. " A skin tight Army green strapless dress?" he repeated in shock. "Not just skin tight, bro. Really, really, really short. Upper thigh length, not to mention it makes her look like a Greek goddess." I said, tugging him downstairs.
  19. *** Alexis's POV***Mr Mattingly led us to a large table, pulling out my seat with a smile. "Boys! Get down here!" he shouted, footsteps pounding down the staircase, two boys pushing each other playfullike. Oh. My. Gosh. It was him. No wonder his brother looked so familiar! Right in front of me stood Owen.
  20. " Alexis!" he exclaimed, pushing past his brother to run over to me. Too shocked to speak, all I managed to do was smile shyly as he leaned over and hugged me tightly. Dad and Mr Mattingly stared in confusion, not knowing we'd been friends once. " Dad. This was the girl I was telling you about." he explained, pulling away from me to take a seat. His brother carefully shoved him aside, taking his seat and sitting beside me.
  21. *** CLIFFHANGER***Yeah, sorry!

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