Kidnapped and in love part 4

This is a long quiz so i'll recap: You and the four guys are hiding from arron and his leader Zane. You found out you have a brother and that Adrian really doed love you!

Guys: there are three guys: Adrian- your fiance for now Ashton- your peaceful down to earth guy Carter-you cook who is extremely sweet and Jace- your amazing new brother!

Created by: nikki78

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  1. Adrian has just said he loves you when Jace comes into the room, and says he needs to talk to you. You agree and follow him to his room. He goes to his dresser and pulls out a photograph and hands it to you. What do you think? he asks you.
  2. *you chose to say the last one.* This is Zane, the evil man Aaron works for. You need to be careful if you ever see him you must tell one of us. Ok? he asks. Of course you reply and turn to leave. "Oh and one more thing Riley be careful we may be getting some unexpected guests soon." Jace replies. And with that he dismisses you. What do you think?
  3. Two days later you learn what Jace means. Adrian walks into the room where you Carter and Ashton are eating breakfast. He has some familiar people trailing behind him. Your best girlfriend, Nikki, and your gay friend, Alex. There are also several unfamiliar people with them. Two guys, one tall, buff, and blonde. The other is also tall with shaggy black hair, beautiful grey eyes and a killer smile. "Look who I found lurking outside our door." Adrian announces quite sourly. You rush for a group hug with your two best friends. How do you greet the others?
  4. You decide to reply with the last one but soften the harsh words with a sweet smile. Adrian rolls his eyes and introduces the two as Cole (the blonde one) and Conner (the tall goth boy). Then Adrian introduces Ashton and Carter as your friends. And saves you and him for last. "And I am Adrian" he says " and this is my fiance Riley." "Fiance?" three voices say at the same time. You look over your shoulder to see Jace standing behind you clearly checking the two boys over. "And I am Riley's brother Jace" he announces witha strange look on his face. "Come into the study and we will talk" says Jace in a rare moment of bossiness. Jace grabs your arm and pulls you along as everyone else trickles along behind. What are you thinking?
  5. As yo get to the study Jace pulls you down to the couch and your two best friends quickly sit next to you. Everyone else grabs a seat and the two new boys are on the couch facing you. Conner starts to speak in a smooth, addictive voice. "We were traveling around the area where Riley lived and we found these two (gesturing to Alex and Nikki) on the front porch of what we realized is Riley's house, Alex and Nikki where on the front porch crying. So when we came up and asked what was wrong, they replied our best frind is missing and today on the news it was announced that her parents were found dead in a ditch. We helped your firend find you" With that said everyone looks towards you and notices the silent tears running down your face. Adrian is beside you in a flash hilding you and comforting you as you mourn the lost of your (fake) parents. When you stop crying you notice everyone has left the study and went to bed as Adrian said. What are you thinking?!?
  6. Adrian holds you close and waits for you to speak. All you can think of is that you parents are dead. You and Adrian sit there for hours until you're ready to speak. You start immediately by saying flat out, "i don't trust them." He sighs and says "Neither do i, honey, neither do i, but your friends might be suspicious if we kicked them out." You think about that and he gently asks "how are you?" and with that tender question the tears start to flow again. He just holds you tighter and lets you get it all out. After that crying jag you fall asleep with his comforting arms around you. You could have slept all day if Jace hadn't opened the door and slammed it shut effectively waking you both up. "Adrian thank you, but I need to talk to my sister" Jace says graciously as he can. Adrian nods give you a quick kiss on the forhead and leves quietly shutting the door after him. Jace comes and takes his spot and he starts to speak. "Do not trust the boys, they aren't what they seem. Be careful I don't want to see you get hurt again." Jace says quietly and with his tender words you feel tears gathering in your eyes threatening to escape. But you manage to reassure him and he walks you to your room. Get some sleep he advises as he leaves you at your door. You walk in and notice your best friends sitting side by side on the bed as if waiting for you. they look at each other and say we will be back later to talk good night. and with that you colapse onto your bed and fade into blissful sleep. Who do you dream about?
  7. You wake up to the smell of pancakes and your two bffs leaning over you poking you in the stomach. "Yay food, okay tell me if what cole and conner said is true." they look at each other and climb in bed with you. Nikki starts off "It's true but for some reason we don't trsut them,("I know reply to that") but how come you didn't tell us you had a brother" they ask as the conversation strays back to the safe topics. You hear a knock on your door after you have changed and your friends when downstairs. You answer it. Who do you want it to be?
  8. Nope all of those are wrong. Instead you open the door to the beautiful new boys. before you can say anything Conner starts to speak."i'm terribly sorry you had to hear the bad news from us, are you ok" he asks in what sounds like genuine concern. "as good as i can be learning in the past two weeks, that i have a brother, someone is trying to kill me, my friends where brought into it, and now my (fake) parents are dead. oh yeah i'm just great" you say when tears well up in your eyes after you are reminded of the terrible news you just recived. What suprised you more?
  9. Luckily you are save from replying because Carter turns the corner and asks if your hungry. You walk to the kitchen with his arm wrapped comfortably around your shoulder. Just when everything might be considered normal for five seconds you hear a big bang and someone sreaming your name........Cliffhanger!!
  10. Who do you love?

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