Kidnapped and in love part 1

there are some people who could handle being taken away from there boring life, are you one of them?? you meet 4 guys adrian, carter jace, and ashton.

you must chose one, but be careful, they all love you soo don't break there hearts. oh and you just got into a car accident and just remembered everything after your amnesia went away or so you think...

Created by: nikki78
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  1. You're walking home from your bffs house and someone picks you up from behind, what do you do?
  2. You end up getting hysterical. your best gay friend since kindergarden sets you on the ground and slaps you in the face to calm you down. ALex what are you doing! you exclaim. Saving you he replies. What are you thinking?
  3. Saving me from what you ask. he says you forgot your purse i came to brong it to you but while i walking i saw someone folling you and i came to save you, he smirks as he tells you. how do you reply to that?
  4. you're home alone so when he walks you to your house its no suprise to find it completely dark. he takes your key and opens the door for you. after you he says. bad idea as soon as you step into the door you are hit on the head with a pan. everything goes fuzzy for a moment.
  5. s--- you hear that was supposed to knock her out, at least we don't have to deal with the friend he left before we hit her! you sit up to take in your surroundings and bam! your hit again and the blackness slowly comes.
  6. as you awaken the boys around your bed tell me that im in the safe house and im completely safe. they introduce themselves as Carter, Ashton, and Jace. What do you think?
  7. later that day after you awaken again you get the whole story. there is a guy out there named adrian. he was supposed to be your fiance before your car accident. you remember that you woke up with amnesia. and had to be reminded of who you were but no one told you that you were in a safe house because you were the last of the royal line of vampyres. unbelievabe i known but thats what they said. they were hired after your accident to come find you to tske you to your fiance. they got you out right before he got to your house. he wants to kill you and take over the vampyres. they saved me.
  8. ashton is chosen to take you to your house to collect your things. while you there you get........
  9. while in your house you get seperated while you go to the basement in search of your backpack to out everything in. when you get down there you run smack into the hottest guy yu have ever seen! ahh... you start to scream and are quickly cut off by adrian with his lips. = ) thank you please do not scream agagin i just want to talk to you he says i am adrian your fiance!
  10. talk you manage to say while staring at him. yes i think you are under misaprehension he says. I don't understand you say incredulously! you tried to kill me I accused. no that was my twin aaron. i love you so much i could never hurt you he says. (insert your name) where are you? ashton says as he runs down the stairs. he cuts off as soon as he sees adrian. with a battle cry he runs to attack him. you hear a bam and ashton is sent to the floor! how did he do that you wonder out loud.vampyres have powers you hear from the floor as ashton struggles to rise. we can't prove he is trying to kill you he adds as he walks back to you so we can legally keep you if you want to go with him. ummm... i seen him following me so if you don't mind id like to stay with you ashton. wow that made adrian mad!! what do you do??

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