•Valentine's Day in L. A.•

You are a sixteen year old teenager who loves spending time with her/your dad. However, since your mom divorced him, he moved across the country to L.A.. Now, you're off to visit him!

You arrive near Valentine's Day and get to stay all summer. You meet four boys during your stay: Carter, Adrian, Damon, and Shawn. All attractive and with very different personalities. Good luck!

Created by: Mary
  1. You arrive at your dad's house at about 9 am. He tells you that you can do what you want, since he's meeting his new girlfriend soon. You decide to clean up a bit. You go to the guest house with your luggage and find your brush. You comb your...
  2. You finish freshening up and decide on an outfit. You pick...
  3. After picking your outfit, you head outside. The sun warms your face, in stark contrast with the air-conditioned guest house. You see four boys reclining on the beach. Who catches your eye?
  4. The guitar boy notices you and waves you over. You start forward and smile confidently at them. "Hi, I'm Adrian," guitar-boy speaks up. "Did you just move here? I haven't seen you around." You say...
  5. "Nice to meet you Kaylie." Adrian smiles at you. "This is Carter, Shawn, and Damon." He identifies Carter as the redhead, Shawn as the surfer, and Damon as the boy with the novel. You smile at them, and Carter winks. "Welcome to L.A.. You got a number?" You say...
  6. You open your mouth but are cut off by Adrian. "What Mr. Slick means...there's a bonfire tonight a little further down the beach. We've all got dates except for Carter...he couldn't make up his mind. You up for it?"
  7. You just have time to accept their offer before your dad calls you back for lunch. You wave at the boys and jog back to the house.
  8. After lunch, you have some time to hang out. You choose to...
  9. You realize that it's five o' clock already and you rush to the guesthouse. You put on a white bikini, but you need something over it. What do you put on?
  10. You race out of the house and see the boys. You wave and walk towards them. Carter casually drapes his arm around you and the others laugh a bit. "You ready?" Shawn asks you. ...well?

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