Valentine The Quiz 2

Part 2 of Valentine your accepted into the Peeps and it's going to be a long hot school day with a ton of romantic crush talk have a blast in my world

Sorry it's taking me a while in a hurry. Cole is named after Cole Sprouse, Jacob named after Jacob Black and Landon named after I dunno who just got a name off the top of my head

Created by: dreamer12
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  1. You go to school the next day and Erin grabs you "_____ we had our meeting and the vote was unanimous you're totally in" you shriek it's just what you wanted "Now time for you to join" she takes you to the playground ten mineuts before school "Peeps are you ready" they make you say a few things after that Jacob and Amber present you with a certificate "Now you can hang with me and the Peeps" Jacom says flirty like
  2. The school bell rings and Jacob walks you to class in front of you Kyle and Erin and behind you Bret and Amber, she has a snobby look forceing kids to get out of her way you see Cole talking with a cheerleader sudenly a flash of envy comes over you
  3. Cole looks your way and winks then the cheerleader grabs him "Baby you looked at that girl didn't you" she's just about to kiss him when another jock comes over "Hey Cole stay away from Ginny k" Cole nodds "I'm not scared of you plus there's nothing going on with me and Ginny she's not my type" Ginny looks furious and kicks him you're just about to go over and help him when Amber grabs you "No ____ we don't hang with jocks even though they are cute we hang with only the Peeps" you look at Cole and he winks
  4. You're in history class and your teacher Mrs. Byant asks you a question you answer while Jacob puts a note in your seat "Hey dream girl u rock" you smile
  5. You, Cole and The Peeps are in all the same classes together Landon is in the same science class with you "Hey ____ I knew we'd be here together I missed you we're studing computers today do you wanna be my partner" you glance around "Sorry I promised Erin" you say "Oh to bad next time maybe in gym class danceing" you go over to Erin "I'm so like glad you didn't get with him or Abmer would be furious" Erin says you see that Cole is partnerd with Bret while Jacob and Kyle are partnerd Amber is with a normal kid who just hangs with another group
  6. At lunch you sit with your new buds Cole is at a table not far from you while Landon sits at a rondom table Erin whispers to you "Landon you know the geek his dad was a jock at school all the girls loved him well and Landon he's like the biggest nerd ever" you ask about Cole "He's a jock all the girls like him and the other jocks but the most popular guys are Kyle and Jacob, Bret has a crush on Amber but won't show it" she whispers
  7. After school Erin invited you and Amber to a slumber party to celebrate your membership you both get on the bus to get your sleep over bags Cole rides the same bus "Hi ___, Hi Amber I couldn't help but over hear you're sleeping at Erins tonight" you and Amber nod "so ____ your a Peeo now" "Yep" "Sweet they're as popular as us jocks" he says and winks then sits down next to his friend Dylan
  8. You tell your mom Erin invited you to a sleep over "I know honey her mom called and told me I'm glad your making friends" you smile "Me too mom"
  9. At the slumber party you, Erin, and Amber are asking eachother which boy you like Erin says all boys, Amber nudges you "she's boy crazy" you giggle Amver says she kinda likes Kyle and kinda likes Bret you and Erin flash a grin "Now you ____" "I kinda like...
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