What Type Of Geek Are You?

You may have been labeled as a jock, a prep, a loner, but not a geek. (or maybe you have) Well I'm here to tell you the truth. No matter what group you hang with, or what table you sit at during lunch, you are a total geek.

Despite your own beliefs, and those of your popular friends, you are all geeks. So the question is not if you are a geek, but what kind of geek you are. Find out by doing this quiz!

Created by: Alani
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  1. You are bored one summer day. You:
  2. You have an essay to write for English class. You pick the topic. You write:
  3. You and your friends want to have fun. You suggest:
  4. You are browsing the internet. You:
  5. You have to babysit your little brother. Boy, do you have a great evening planned! You:
  6. You are a police officer and you just pulled someone over for speeding. You:
  7. You are listening to music. It is:
  8. You are bowling. You hit down:
  9. What is your favorite subject?
  10. You are watching TV. You are watching:
  11. You just spilled milk all over yourself and the floor. You:
  12. Your ideal pet:
  13. You are asleep. You dream of:
  14. You have to learn a foreign language. You choose:
  15. You have a group movie project to complete, and everyone has a job. You are:
  16. Your favorite color out of these choices is:
  17. Your ideal computer game:
  18. Your favorite food out of these choices:
  19. Your best friend can be described as:
  20. Your favorite field trip was:
  21. Your ideal learning strategy:
  22. You have to go to a foreign country. You go to:
  23. Your lover can be described as:
  24. Someone else in your school has on the same pair of shoes as you! And worse yet, the person is of the opposite sex! You:
  25. You want to get married:
  26. Your first priority or most prized possession out of these choices:
  27. You are confronted by the police, but you aren't the one they are looking for! You:
  28. You are playing basketball. You shoot a:
  29. At lunch at school you sit (or sat) with the:

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Quiz topic: What Type Of Geek am I?