How poetic are you?

There are many people in the world who believe they can write poetry. Most do not understand why poetry is written. Even less people comprehend poetry at all. This is a quiz based on some simple sociological, artistic, and logical principals to determine how poetic you are. No matter what you score, do not discontinue writing.

This quiz was created to seperate those people who try to both analyze and interpret poetry but have no idea what poetry really is. There are a lot of poets who write beautifully crafted works, but this quiz will determine if they are actually poets or actors with a pen.

Created by: misfit7
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  1. What type of clothes do you wear?
  2. Of these colors which do you prefer?
  3. In your opinion when you hear a someone speak, which is more important.
  4. When you listen to music, which is more important to you?
  5. Which cooking method do you prefer?
  6. When forced into a conflict, how do you usually respond?
  7. How emotional do you get concerning your faith or lack ther of?
  8. Do you consider yourself a zealot about anything?
  9. Which is a more inspiring setting for you?
  10. Which is more important to you?
  11. Do you curse?
  12. What is more important to you when listening to or reading a story.
  13. What side of life do you tend to cling to whether purposely or accidentally?
  14. Which film do you like better?
  15. Which would you rather read?
  16. Which would you rather have?
  17. In a story or film which do you prefer?
  18. Which pet do you prefer?
  19. Which word do you use the most
  20. What is more important in a poem?
  21. Which came first?
  22. If you had to, which would you prefer to write about?
  23. What is your favorite season?
  24. Do you correct people's grammar?
  25. Which word better describes love?
  26. Which word better describes pain?
  27. Which word better decribes God?
  28. Which word better decribes you?
  29. Which shape do you prefer
  30. Which sport requires more skill?
  31. Which word excites you most?
  32. Which would you rather do?
  33. In your opinion is poetry?

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Quiz topic: How poetic am I?