Wake Me Up When September Ends quiz

Many love Green Day's poetic workings put to hard-core and modern rock. I do. I have created a quiz to test the knowledge of so called fans who worship "Wake Me Up When September Ends"

Do you call yourself a Green Day fan? Has your I-Pod broken yet from hard-core Wake Me Up? Test your knowledge of the best song ever! In 10 easy questions, any Guitar Hero or hard-core Christain Rocker can pass!

Created by: amazon
  1. The band who created this song is _________
  2. This song was inspired by _________________
  3. LYRICS: Bring out the clothes again/ like we did when Spring began/ Wake me up when September ends
  4. In verse 3, where does the rain fall from?
  5. In all, how many years go by at the end of the song? (HINT- the years are mentioned TWICE..add them together!)
  6. When Summer comes and passes, who can never last?
  7. When drenched in pain, who do we become?
  8. LYRICS: As my memory rests/but never forgets _____ __ ____. What are the last 3 words?
  9. Wake Me Up When September Ends was on which 2004 album?
  10. In many live concerts, Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer, yells what during an intrumental solo?

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