Poetry Terms and Devices

You have probably written a couple of poems in your life. Maybe you even got one published. But hey, did you ever think there was more to poetry than writing down random words?

This fun quiz will take you on a magical journey through the depths of the human psyche. And you'll see if you know a lot of poetic terms and devices.

Created by: William
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  1. Define "metaphor".
  2. What is "imagery"?
  3. Define "onomatopoeia"
  4. Define "connotation"
  5. What is a "fabliau"?
  6. Do you prefer Pepsi, or Coke?
  7. What is a "Haiku"?
  8. What is the "tone"?
  9. What is a "cinquain"?
  10. What is "rhyme"?
  11. What is "refrain"?
  12. Define "alliteration".
  13. What is "stress"?
  14. What is a "sonnet"?
  15. What is "iambic pentameter"?
  16. What is a "concrete" poem?
  17. What is a "couplet"?
  18. Quick question - what's your favourite type of pie?

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