Poetry / Music Quiz

This quiz is all about the subject of poetry and that of music - it is about links between poetry in the United Kingdom and the USA and the subject of popular music.

Hello all - Are you interested in the world of poetry and the world of music? Why not talk this challenge to answer questions about these two subjects and the way they cross over?

Created by: Rod
  1. Which poet collaborated with the band Leftfield in the 90s?
  2. Which of these renowned singers once published a book of prose poems?
  3. The literary journal PenPusher has a logo designed by which current pop star?
  4. Which of these folk singers has gone on to have acclaim as a poet?
  5. Talking of folkies, which poet once dedicated a book to Irish singer Christy Moore?
  6. Which British poet, among other things, is a professional reggae DJ?
  7. Which of these current US poets is better known for his work as a singer-songwriter with the band Silver Jews?
  8. Indie band Idlewild have used lyrics written for them by...?
  9. Anne Sexton's rock band was called...
  10. JH Prynne is apparently a big fan of which US band?
  11. With which band did I appear at the Aldeburgh classical music festival a few years back?
  12. Who, in their first book, dedicated a poem to Prefab Sprout's Paddy McAloon?
  13. Patience Agbabi is an aficionado of which type of music?
  14. Which of these poets spent a few years managing cult singer-songwriter Momus?
  15. Poet and editor Robin Robertson is friends with which of these top groups?
  16. Which of these poets is the daughter of a minor prog rock star?
  17. Which poet's work was adapted by Leonard Cohen for his popular song 'Take This Waltz'?
  18. Which POF forum member has put out a very listenable folky singer-songwriter album?
  19. This poet worked in the technical side of the music industry for several years...
  20. Poet Matthew Caley has...?

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