Didactic Devices

Come one! Come all! Come see if you know some didactic devices! Rhetorical devices are everywhere today: in magazine advertisements and on television, but do you know how to spot one out, and what type of effect they have? Take the quiz and see how much you know about these dazzling devices!

Soon enough you will find out whether you're just as smart as a drop out or a genius. It's up to you! While the results of this quiz do not determine intelligence, they may give you a good approximation of English comprehension.

Created by: Leah
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  1. "Love and hate" is an example of:
  2. What do you call the device that is symbolic of a "part for a whole"?
  3. Interlocking word order is known as:
  4. The "father son and the son father" is an example of:
  5. A common form of litotes is:
  6. An example of litotes is:
  7. An example of a simile might be:
  8. If an advertisement asked a question, and then proceeded to answer that question, what type of rhetorical device are they using on you?
  9. The use of superfluous conjunctions is referred to as:
  10. What do we call a grammatically correct linkage of 2 or more parts of speech by another part of speech?

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