How To Build A Hippo (continued)

I created this Quiz to test your knowledge of rhetorical devices, as well as to test my own knowledge of the subject at the same time. There are thousands of quizes and this is probably not the best but thats ok.

Do you know your Rhetorical devices very well I sure hope you do. Cause you will surely need it. Surely you don't know why I am saying surely so many times but that Is ok with me. Surely

Created by: Bartholemule Sanchez
  1. Select the best definition of Zeugma.
  2. Select the best example of Asyndeton.
  3. What are Rhetorical Devices Used For.
  4. To err is human; to forgive, divine. Is an Example Of
  5. Anaphora is:
  6. The purple people eater is:
  7. Syntax is:
  8. Where does the rainbow end?
  9. What are Details
  10. What is Tone?

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