What type of animal are you?

I love animals and am curious to see who is what. This is pretty much a random quiz but I hope it's WAY more fun to take it than it was to make it at midnight lol Show me some love!

SO!! What kind of animal are you? Are you a cutsie Kitty? Some kind of rodent? (They are still awesome XD) Or are you a not fat hippo? XD Let's find out!

Created by: Lindsey
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your favorite color? (Dont' shoot me!!)
  2. What do you like to do?
  3. What best describes your friends?
  4. What's your favorite animal?
  5. Dream vacation?
  6. Favorite thing?
  7. Pick something random!
  8. Favorite movie?
  9. I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves...
  10. Last question!! Was this an okay quiz?

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Quiz topic: What type of animal am I?