Which Animal are You Most Like?

Many people would like to know which type of animal they are based on their personalities. Umm, yeah. So There's your background info. So just read the next paragraph and you'll be ready to start.

So, which animal are you most like? Do you try to acot cool, or do you just be yourself. Are you laid back? YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS STUFF! IT'S GOOD FOR YOUR COLLEGE REASEME!!

Created by: Maknezi
  1. Yay! Your parents are allowing you to attend a 2 week camp. Which one do you choose?
  2. Your school is putting on a mjor production. What role do you try out for?
  3. You see someone fall over in the hallways, and everyone is laughing at him. What do you do?
  4. Your dream e-mail address is:
  5. Your favorite book in 1st grade was:
  6. Your nickname is:
  7. Your dream vacation is:
  8. Being yourself means
  9. Your ringtone is
  10. You do a dive off the diving board. What do you do?

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Quiz topic: Which Animal am I Most Like?