What Animal Are You?

Many people think animals have no feelings, no emotions. But that my friends, is WRONG. This quiz will compair you to an animal that your personality matches.

What animal are you? Tiger? Lion? What about a Grizzly? Dolphin? A Domestic Cat? Or an Elephant? Or even a Mouse? Answer just 16 easy questions (truthfully please!) and find out what animal you are at heart.

Created by: Alison

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  1. How many friends do you have?
  2. How brave are you?
  3. How much of a fighter are you?
  4. Are you a glutton?
  5. How big of a family do you have/want as a parent?
  6. How do/would you feel about your family as a parent?
  7. How selfish are you?
  8. How playful are you?
  9. How strong are you?
  10. Are you a prankster?
  11. Do you stand out in a crowd?
  12. Are you compassionate?
  13. What is your attention span?
  14. How often do you use your voice?

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Quiz topic: What Animal am I?