Whats your sprit animal?

Everyone has an spirt animal that helps develop and hold personal morales and attributes and flaws. This quiz will help you find which one though it may not be that acrate as there are meny types of spirt animal, every animal in the world actully and there are only four :)

Well in few minutes we will find out which sprit animal you are attached to and you will know for once and for all!! lets see which result suits your amazing personality!!!!!

Created by: Nyxs high priestess
  1. What of the following words are you drawn to?
  2. Who do you care about most?
  3. What is your Fav Activitie
  4. Role play: Acute guy (if your not a guy its a girl) knocks you over by accident
  5. RP: Your in class your getting what from the teacher
  6. What do your mates call you in there group.
  7. Pick a colour (will effect sos)
  8. pick a word that sums up your life
  9. What is you favorite place to be?
  10. Last quistion Are you ready and are you bored?

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Quiz topic: Whats my sprit animal?