Which of the Biker Mice are you?

I know you want to know which Biker Mouse you are. Yes you do. Hell, you could end up being Charley! What quiz does THAT? And we have mentionings of the word "underwear" here, too!

Warning: do not take without consulting your brain first. Side effects may include laughter, head-scratching, mild horniness, self-discovery and more laughter.

Created by: Oberon
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  1. You bump into a kid and knock her down! What do you do?
  2. You're home on a Saturday night. What are you most likely doing?
  3. You're on a first date with someone who may be "the one". What's it like?
  4. A close friend is robbed in the night! What do you do?
  5. Your romantic partner two-times you! What's your reaction?
  6. Do you like fishing?
  7. What's a hobby you'd like?
  8. You just got a new niece/nephew! What's your reaction?
  9. Someone's assaulted a close female friend! What do you do?
  10. You're about to get down to some sexy times with your girlfriend! What do you want her to wear?

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Quiz topic: Which of the Biker Mice am I?