Do You Know LA?

Deep down, the whole world wishes they lived in L. A., but only a special few have to privilege of calling it home. The following questions will prove if you are true L. A. Material... Or if you just visit to crowd up our theme parks.

Are you Ready? The following will divide men from mice, men from children, and men from... Well. From Canadians. Good Luck... Unless you're Canadian. Stay in the attic, eh.

Created by: Travis
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  1. The Rose parade is famous for beautiful flowers and floats. It is NOTORIOUS for...
  2. The Staples Center is...
  3. In keeping with the Lakers theme, Where did the Lakers play before their curent home?
  4. Of the following high schools, which is not an all boys school?
  5. What is the name of the hot dog restaurant that is built inside the shell of a real train?
  6. Which is not a freeway in the Valley?
  7. Who wrote the AWESOME song "I Love L. A."?
  8. What theme park hasn't turned a viable profit in the last 6 years?
  9. The N. Y. Logo hat is officially the hat for the Yankees. The L. A. Logo hat belongs/belonged to what team?
  10. Which of the following themes doesn't match its accompanying bar?
  11. If you know Travis, you know the color of the shirts at the Saddleranch. They are...
  12. HEre's one for the true L. A. Historians... When were the Olympics held in Los Angeles?
  13. Los Angeles is also known as the...
  14. Which of the following businesses are not located directly off the Roscoe Exit on the 405?
  15. Which of the following movie companies offers a guided tour thru its backlot, complete with video supplements and comedic guides?
  16. Speaking of Vivid, what do they do?
  17. If you ignore the speed limit and there is no traffic, what's the fastest time to get to vegas for a all nighter?
  18. What's farther north, Santa Monica or Santa Barbara?
  19. Last question, why do people from Northern California insist on using the word 'hella'?

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