Who would you love to have visit?

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Those of us living in foreign lands miss so many things from our home country. Logical traffic flow, clean running water, CHEESE, tampons, or decent beer. But the one thing we all miss the most is our PEOPLE. Family or friends, colleagues or lovers... Who do you wish would visit?

If you had a flight for anyone you loved, to visit your new foreign-home, who would it be? What would you show them? How would you spend your time together?

Created by: Tammy
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. who did you last skype with
  2. How would you rather spend your day.
  3. how many times have you been to the airport in the past 24 months
  4. when is the last time you were "home"
  5. have you entered the ABCs contest to win a flight yet?
  6. How many visitors have you had from overseas?
  7. What is your job?
  8. Who do you live with?
  9. how often do you drink
  10. How long have you lived abroad?
  11. what do you miss most abut home?

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