Can't decide which country to visit? Try this quiz!

Feeling indecisive about where to go for the holidays? Cannot decide which is the ideal country for you and your loved ones to visit? Take this short quiz now!

This quiz will match a suitable country according to your likes, dislikes, interest and personality. Once you are done, do visit our website: for more details on the tours that you are keen in!

Created by: TengTengTravel
  1. Which activity appeal to you most?
  2. Which food do you prefer?
  3. Do you like animals
  4. Which do you prefer?
  5. Would you rather shop or go for outdoor activities?
  6. Where do you prefer?
  7. How long do you plan to travel?
  8. Are you willing to spend > $500 per pax (for 3 days)
  9. Life is ...
  10. Would you like to visit countries that snows?

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