What is the right airline for you?

There are many airlines to choose from in this country, and this quiz will help you decide which airline you should fly to!! Follow these simple 12 questions!

Questions will ask basic, legroom, destination, choice of vacation, preferred Countries to visit, qualities and fun things that really do matter to you!

Created by: Caulin

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  1. Where Do You Live Closest to?
  2. When you do fly for vacations, where do you mostly Fly to?
  3. Do you rather spend money on a ticket to get a great seat, or spend less money and get a mediocre seat?
  4. How Frequently Do You Fly?
  5. Do you mind delays?
  6. What plane type do you like better?
  7. Do you worry about crashing when flying?
  8. Which international country/territory sounds like a good place to visit?
  9. What do you like to wear on a flight?
  10. Do you like Legroom?

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