How Philadelphia are you?

The city of Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania and the fifth-most populous city in the United States. It is colloquially referred to as Philly, and known as The City of Brotherly Love.

The Philadelphia accent is the accent of English spoken in Philadelphia and extending into Philadelphia's suburbs in the Delaware Valley and southern New Jersey. It is one of the best-studied dialects of American English due to the fact that Philadelphia's University of Pennsylvania is the home institution of William Labov, one of the most productive American sociolinguists. Unlike the dialects found in much of the rest of Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia accent shares several unusual features with the New York accent, although it is a distinct dialect region.

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  1. What is NOT a neighborhood in Philadelphia?
  2. Broad Street in Philadelphia is in the current sequential order for which numbered street?
  3. The Broad Street Line is known as...
  4. The Route 102 Trolley Goes to which Suburban Town?
  5. Which county does NOT share a border with the city of Philadelphia?
  6. Which town is located in Bucks County?
  7. Which neighborhood is located in Southwest Philadelphia?
  8. The Main Campus of The Community College of Philadelphia is located on which street?
  9. The "Blue Route" is also known as what Philadelphia area Interstate?
  10. Which University is NOT located in Philadelphia?
  11. A MAC machine is?...
  12. Where are the "Rocky Stairs?"
  13. The Mummer's Parade celebrates which holiday?
  14. What street is Parallel to Market Street through Center City?
  15. What street is in Northeast Philadelphia?
  16. Which Street is in South Philadelphia?
  17. Which Street is in West Philadelphia?
  18. Which street is in the Northwest section of Philadelphia?
  19. Which street is in Southwest Philadelphia?
  20. Which street is in North Philadelphia?
  21. Which street is a street not located in Center City Philadelphia?
  22. Which Department Store Chain is now "Lord & Taylor" in Center City?
  23. Which bridge on Interstate 95 links Pennsylvania to New Jersey?
  24. Which clever slogan is posted on the "Welcome to Delaware" sign on Route 202?
  25. Which clever slogan is located on the "Welcome to Pennsylvania" sign on Interstate 95?
  26. Which clever slogan is located on the "Welcome to New Jersey" sign when you cross the Walt Whitman Bridge from Philadelphia?
  27. What is located where the intersection of Broad and Market Streets should be?
  28. Which Southwest Philadelphia street does Cobbs Creek Parkway change it's name to once it intersects with Woodland Avenue?
  29. What statue is located on 15th and Market Streets?
  30. "Love Park" is OFFICIALLY named...
  31. What mall is located on 9th & Market Streets?
  32. Which street is located immediately south of Washington Avenue in South Philadelphia?
  33. What street is immediately north of Arch Street in Center City?
  34. Columbus Boulevard is commonly known as...
  35. Monica Malpass is a reporter for which news?
  36. Which station is FOX?

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