How Well Do You Know Philadelphia??

Think you know some stuff about Philadelphia? You eat cheez whiz on your cheese steaks? You love you some water ice? Well, take this quiz! Take it!!!!!!!!!

Are you scared... afraid that you don't know anything other than cheese steaks, water ice, South Street, and Rocky? Go ahead and take this quiz, find out what you really know. Prove yourself to yourself. Earn your right to call yourself a Philadelphia citizen.

Created by: Danielle and Justin
  1. 1) If you take an express train on the Broad Street Line, which of the following stops will you SKIP?
  2. 2) What street does West Philadelphia call its "Main Street"?
  3. 3) What can you do at a "Wawa"??
  4. 4) Where can "The Gallery" be found?
  5. 5) What in the world is the "FU Center"???
  6. 6) Where is the Italian Market located?
  7. 7) What is William Penn pointing at?
  8. 8) Is Cheltenham technically located within the borders of Philadelphia?
  9. 9) What are some of the neighborhoods that Germantown Avenue cuts through?
  10. 10) Which of the following streets does not have a bridge to University City?
  11. 11) Which of these Universities isn't located in North Philadelphia?
  12. 12) What bridge does Philadelphia share with Camden?
  13. 13) Which of the following is the largest park in Philadelphia?
  14. 14) What expressway does City Line Avenue become in Philadelphia?
  15. 15) If you are at the "Avenue of the Arts", then where are you???
  16. 16) Which of the following locations is not a stop on a Regional Rail line?
  17. 17) Where is City Hall located?
  18. 18) What buildings sit at the ends of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway?
  19. 19) What is the Septa Bus line that runs up and down most of Broad Street???
  20. 20) What is an acceptable nickname for the city of Philadelphia?

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