HoW pHiLlY aRe YaLl

there are alot of people that lived or live in philadelphia and think they know alot or everything about it but there is only one way to find out ....... TAKE THIS QUIZ

are you phialdelphia do you know everything there is to know about this wonderful city if so you should take this quiz to prove youre philadelphia blood

Created by: sammy

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  1. wat floor is da liberty bell on
  2. Have you been to 3 or more funerals
  3. have you seen police being involved in something violent
  4. did you ever live in an apartment
  5. did any of your family members die with the cause of guns
  6. is most or all your family black
  7. do you think tupac and biggie know what they talk about
  8. what does most of the philadelphia population consist of
  9. if you moved out of philly do you think your town is very "white"
  10. is seeing deaths on the news just a way of life for you
  11. does any of your family own guns not used for hunting
  12. have you honestly honestly had a near death expeirence honestly
  13. who is the mayor of philly as of january 2007
  14. have you ever seen drugs beaing dealt
  15. do you know where to go to get drugs
  16. do you see alot of police patroling
  17. what park do you play on if you live by idlewood
  18. do you constiley se spray painted walls
  19. how long did you live in philly
  20. what sport is most oftenly played here
  21. what is our baksetball team
  22. what is our football team
  23. what is our baseball team

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