How Philly are u?

There is many people in this world that believe they are from the best city on the east coast which would be PHILLY? They pretend to be something they are not and quite honestly im tired of ppl saying they are from Philly and they from outside of Philly...theres a difference!

ARE YOU ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE. Take this quiz to find out because Philly people are very different from other people. We are unique in the way we dress, party, and even act. We are just different and thats not a bad thing its actually a good thing. Take this quiz to find out where u stand!

Created by: TyShanique

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  1. Have u ever brought a pretzel from a vender?
  2. Do you shop on 69th street?
  3. How do u pernouce water ice?
  4. How u dress?
  5. Have u ever been to Jamz?
  6. Where do u shop the most?
  7. What to you call the corner store?
  8. who runs your cornor store
  9. Have u ever heard of bubble loo
  10. what part of philly is you from
  11. have u ever purchased anything from the muslims
  12. have u ever been on the L or any septa

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