The REAL Philly Quiz

There are a couple other quizzes on here about Philly knowledge. I took both of them and boy are they terrible! One is purely ancient historical data that only a baby boomer would know, and the other is highly subjective and based on personal tastes and stuff that has changed since it was written.

So, this is your chance to take a genuine Philly test based on unchangeable fact, much more recent history, and no Pat's or Gino's bulls---. This is the real deal, yo.

Created by: Valery
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  1. What major train station is attached to the Gallery?
  2. What famous historical site is located on Elfreth's Alley?
  3. UPenn, one of the oldest universities in the nation, was founded by...?
  4. Temple and Drexel's mascots are, respectively:
  5. Pronounce Schuylkill.
  6. Which of these counties does NOT share a border with Philly?
  7. What do you call a dessert that contains a scoop of ice cream and a scoop of water ice?
  8. What sort of cheese goes on a cheesesteak?
  9. Which of these is NOT a waterway in Philadelphia?
  10. Which of these stars is NOT originally from the Philadelphia Metro Area?
  11. Put these streets in the correct order, east to west.
  12. Which street is popularly known as the Avenue of the Arts?
  13. The exceptionally large modern art piece sitting at 15th and Market most closely resembles...
  14. Who stands atop of City Hall?
  15. Which of these is NOT a Philadelphia sports team?
  16. The Wachovia Center was once the First Union Center, which was once the...?
  17. The Philadelphia Zoo is located in what section of the city?
  18. Strangely, the biggest concert venue for artists who come to Philadelphia isn't actually located in the city. It's called the Tweeter Center, and it's in...?

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