How Philly Are You?

Many Say They Know About Philly, But Do You Know Enough To Pass?? Do You Really Know Abut Philly Or Is The Only Knowledge You Have Of It From Rocky?...Did You Ever See Rocky?...Take This Quiz && Find Out.

Are YOU From Philly? Or Do You Pronounce It Phila-del-phi-a?? Find Out Now By Taking This Quiz Wriiten By A True Philadelphian. Like Will Smith I Was Born && Rasied In Philly Only In Roxborough.

Created by: Emily
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  1. In The Summer Where Do You Go?
  2. Where Are The Best Cheesesteaks?
  3. Where Is The Rocky Statue?
  4. Do You Know Where The Best Water Ice Is?
  5. Where Was Will Smith Raised?
  6. Do You Know Where The Valley Is?
  7. Do You Know Where The Locations In Question 7. Are Located?
  8. Did You Ever Watch The Fireworks After The Phillies Game In July?
  9. Did You Cry When They Got Rid Of The Vet?
  10. How Do You Pronouce Water?
  11. Is Wawa Funny To You?

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Quiz topic: How Philly am I?