How Philly Are You ????

Here's a quiz to see if you're a true Philly native..some of the questions might have two possible answers..or even three...just pick which one you think is best and test your knowledge to see how philly you are!!

Do you have some Philly in you ???? You think you know what it's like to live in Philly??? You know EVERYTHING about it ??? Take the quiz and find out !! I dare you !!

Created by: Kathleen of myspace
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  1. Do you know what the "bad landz" are ??
  2. Where's "14th" street?
  3. Do you know what Wawa is ?
  4. Where's the party spot at with all the clubs ???
  5. Is there a corner store with a couple blocks from where you live or work ???
  6. What's the gallery?
  7. Do you love the Eagles and put your Sundays aside for them?
  8. Where are the best cheesesteaks?
  9. Where's the zoo ?
  10. Do you love soft pretzels and water ice?
  11. Who is a Philly native?
  12. What's the "Bouly" ...pronounced "Bully" ?
  13. Whats the Blue Route?
  14. Where's boat house row ?
  15. Where are you on a Friday or Saturday night?
  16. What can you find down on Frankford late at night?
  17. You love hoagies...not subs
  18. You've been to at least one Phillies game in your lifetime

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Quiz topic: How Philly am I ????