How Philly are you?

There are many claimers but few true Philly people in the world. People all over claim they are from certain places but actually they grew up in the borroughs outside a city, townships or even suburbs.

Are you a real Philly person? Do you have that prestigious birth right? Have you eaten a chesteak at least once a week or missed a week or two of school when it snowed. But thanks to this great quiz, in a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: John Broadstreet
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  1. When a person says they are from Philly, what is the first question you ask them?
  2. What is the 3-5 car train that travels from Fern Rock to the Gallery called?
  3. What isnt a kind of tasykake?
  4. What is SEPTA?
  5. What school did Rasheed Wallace graduate from?
  6. What is the park where the Greek fest is held every year in Philly?
  7. Which is not a part of Philly
  8. What state does Philly hate the most for biting our style?
  9. If someone one ask you what the time is what would you do?
  10. Have you ever eaten the free lunch during the summertime?

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Quiz topic: How Philly am I?