More Philly Than Phooey

There are many people who claim the City of Brotherly Love for their home. From Harrisburg to Camden to Trenton, South to Wilmington and Dover, and north to the Poconos. A true Philadelphian lives and dies by his sports teams and our historic forefathers and institutions. This quiz will tell you whether you are truly from Philly!

If you scored above 80, your a Philly genius. If you scored below 40 your are a Philly Phooey Phoney! If that's you, go back to the Web and learn about our great city and its sports teams and history. If you're a genius, sit back, relax and enjoy a chessesteak and a cold Ballantine!

Created by: Robert Stover
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  1. Who were the Broad Street Bullies?
  2. The Ridge Avenue Line is?
  3. Who is Hy Lit?
  4. He was the conductor of the Philadelphia Philharmonic Orchestra in four different decades
  5. The four stadiums that the Phillies have played in are:
  6. The four stadiums that the Eagles have played in are:
  7. the four professional football teams that have called Philadelphia home are? (Steagles don't count)
  8. The Philadelphia Electric Factory was a?
  9. The United States Senator that formerly pitched for the Phillies is:
  10. The Mummers are?
  11. Pat and Geno are?
  12. The Philadelphia University whose sports team mascot is not an animal or bird is?
  13. The posh downtown neighborhood west of Broad Street and South of Market Street between 18th and 30th Streets is called?
  14. Philadelphia was once the home of which historic railroad?
  15. The Philadelphia native who dealt Mohammed Ali his first loss as a professional boxer was?
  16. The Philadelphia icon who hosted a live teen music and dance television program in Philadelphia in the 1950's and 1960's was
  17. The Philadelphia Zoo and Mann Music Center are located in?
  18. Ben Franklin's Tomb is located at?

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