Are You a Good Airline Pilot?

Many people think they could be great airline pilots, it takes a really clever person to be a great pilot and a brave one too, do you think you are a great aviator? Maybe this quiz can help you figure it out.

Are you a great aviator? Do you think you could have been a great airline pilot? Well if you don;t know the answer to that, maybe this quiz can help you find out?

Created by: InspectorGomez
  1. If you are the first officer of a flight, will you do a walk around?
  2. Do you talk about personal issues when you are in the middle of the check list.
  3. When you are taking off, do you have to put your hand on the throttle at the same time with the captain/first officer?
  4. When there is turbulence in flight, do you warn the passengers to put on their seat belt?
  5. If a controller makes you circle around the airport because of too much traffic, what do you do?
  6. If you lose power in one of the engines on a 737-800, what steps do you take.
  7. If a passenger is in distress mid flight, what do you do.
  8. While flying under bad weather, what are your main concerns.
  9. When do you have to lower the landing gear?
  10. If a kid requests to see the cockpit, what do you do.
  11. Do you have to use your checklist for landing and take off?
  12. What helps the plane slow down other than the brakes?
  13. Should the controller say climb to flight level 390, what altitude do you have to climb to?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Good Airline Pilot?